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  1. groundwater
  2. salinity
  3. sleet
  4. frozen
  5. alike-water vapor is formed in both; different-sublimation is slower
  1. a ___ raindrops falling from clouds are called sleet.
  2. b How are evaporation & sublimation alike and different?
  3. c The ocean will most likely have the greatest ___ in an area where the water evaporates quickly.
  4. d frozen raindrops
  5. e Water that fills spaces between particles of rock and soil is called _____.

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  1. Rivers, streams, and lakes are surface ___ water.
  2. Dew forms during this part of the water cycle.
  3. a measure of how salty water is
  4. Many clouds in the summer sky are made of these.
  5. Two ways the most communities treat water before it comes into your home.

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  1. currentsRivers, streams, and lakes are surface ___ water.


  2. reservoirThis forms when a large piece of ice breaks off a glacier or ice sheet.


  3. aquiferGroundwater that flows into the ocean does not involve ___ vapor.


  4. freshAbout 7/10 of Earth's ___ water is frozen into ice.


  5. evaporationthe changing of a liquid into a gas


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