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  1. "liberty cabbage"
  2. NAWSA
  3. neutrality
  4. merrium report
  5. armistice
  1. a in the middle of the argument
  2. b national american womens suffrage association an organization trying to get womens right to vote
  3. c situation in a war where warring parties agree to stop fighting temporarily
  4. d sauerkraut renamed becasue of war and name is German
  5. e the report of poverty disease and the underemployment of the Native Americans

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  1. president of UMW
  2. muckracker who wrote for McClures who wrote about John Rockefeller
  3. the making amends for wrong of injury done
  4. underwater boat
  5. trying to get rid of slavery

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  1. Gen. John J Pershingran the american expeditionary force


  2. famineunderwater boat


  3. Black Hawkdistinguished warrior in the war of 1812 and a invertabrate for american expansion


  4. trenchesa way to control other businesses without owning them


  5. twenty-sixth amendmentyou have to be over 18 to vote