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  1. NAWSA
  2. pacifist
  3. central powers
  4. militant
  5. boycott
  1. a engaged in warfare
  2. b when you dont buy products to prove a point
  3. c a person who is against war or any violence at all
  4. d national american womens suffrage association an organization trying to get womens right to vote
  5. e germany and Australia-Germany alliance

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  1. drastic food shortage
  2. a meat packing company that is the leading Chicago meat packing company
  3. money to begin or start a business
  4. says that amendments can be made by Congress or special conventions by the state
  5. torpedo struck the British passenger liner

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  1. Zimmerman noteleave a county


  2. nineteenth amendmentCongress inforced that you shouldnt be discriminated against for color, race, or former slave in the act of voting


  3. emegrateinternational trade without high taxes on goods


  4. bull marketunderwater boat


  5. george custercaused the fight of little bighorn