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  1. President Woodrow Wilson
  2. militant
  3. Packingtown
  4. "liberty cabbage"
  5. monopolies
  1. a played the main roles in drafting the treaty of the big four
  2. b another name for Chicago
  3. c engaged in warfare
  4. d sauerkraut renamed becasue of war and name is German
  5. e when only one company sells something so they have price control

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  1. trying to get rid of slavery
  2. a test to see if you can read and write
  3. international trade without high taxes on goods
  4. admit to citizenship, especially in the right of voting
  5. drastic food shortage

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  1. twenty-fourth amendmentpeople no longer had to pay poll taxes or any other taxes in order to vote


  2. merrium reportwhen the stock markets go down


  3. bear marketdistinguished warrior in the war of 1812 and a invertabrate for american expansion


  4. speculationthe making amends for wrong of injury done


  5. Zimmerman notea german note that proposed an alliance with mexico that the british intercepted