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  1. allied powers
  2. twenty-sixth amendment
  3. Black Hawk
  4. twenty-fourth amendment
  5. Ida Tarbel
  1. a people no longer had to pay poll taxes or any other taxes in order to vote
  2. b you have to be over 18 to vote
  3. c distinguished warrior in the war of 1812 and a invertabrate for american expansion
  4. d an alliance between France Russia and Italy
  5. e muckracker who wrote for McClures who wrote about John Rockefeller

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  1. when only one company sells something so they have price control
  2. money to begin or start a business
  3. representees of a politician
  4. forbade the entry of chinese into the US
  5. helped lead the battle of little bighorn to victory

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  1. Susan b anthonyOne of the leader of women's suffrage movement


  2. Upton Sinclairwrote book, The Jungle, about meat packing industry and is a accidental muckracker


  3. CzarEmperor or king of Russia


  4. pacifistfavors those who were born in his or her country rather than those who immigrated


  5. sioxwar industries board cordinated the activities of the government and business and oversaw the transformation of factories for war production