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  1. WIB
  2. Teddy Rosevelt
  3. militant
  4. siox
  5. strike
  1. a war industries board cordinated the activities of the government and business and oversaw the transformation of factories for war production
  2. b when people go against what they are suposed to to prove a point
  3. c engaged in warfare
  4. d intervened in the dispute and caused compromise and president at the time
  5. e powerful and numerous tribe that was divided into several small groupings

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  1. religious movement because it was believed that the world would end soon and the Indians would inherit the world
  2. caused the fight of little bighorn
  3. underwater boat
  4. the making amends for wrong of injury done
  5. leave a county

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  1. twenty-fourth amendmentallowed both genders to vote


  2. constituentrepresentees of a politician


  3. neutralityin the middle of the argument


  4. pogromorganized, often officialy encouraged, massacre of a minority group


  5. chinese exclusion actforbade the entry of chinese into the US