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  1. NCLC
  2. central powers
  3. depression
  4. constituent
  5. "liberty cabbage"
  1. a representees of a politician
  2. b when the economy is so bad that the value of everything decreases and unemployment rises above normal levels
  3. c germany and Australia-Germany alliance
  4. d sauerkraut renamed becasue of war and name is German
  5. e national child labor committee they worked to end child labor with efforts for free education

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  1. religious movement because it was believed that the world would end soon and the Indians would inherit the world
  2. played the main roles in drafting the treaty of the big four
  3. international trade without high taxes on goods
  4. when everyone suddenly withdraws their money at once
  5. when only one company sells something so they have price control

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  1. Gilded Agemost people were below the poverty line


  2. trenchesa way to control other businesses without owning them


  3. Upton Sinclairwrote book, The Jungle, about meat packing industry and is a accidental muckracker


  4. reparationsthe making amends for wrong of injury done


  5. temperance movementmoderation of alchol


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