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  1. intrest income
  2. literacy test
  3. nineteenth amendment
  4. free trade
  5. emegrate
  1. a leave a county
  2. b a test to see if you can read and write
  3. c allowed both genders to vote
  4. d international trade without high taxes on goods
  5. e when the bank pays you a little money for putting money into your account

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  1. under which no ethnic group would have to be governed by a nation or state that it oposed
  2. allows police to detain individuals suspected of being in the country illegaly
  3. situation in a war where warring parties agree to stop fighting temporarily
  4. a person with desire for political indepence
  5. united mine workers went on strike to bargain with coal operators for improvments in wages/hours and better working conditions

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  1. speculationhigh risk with high payout and higher liklihood of losing your money


  2. Meat Inspection Act of 1906authorized inspectors to stop any bad or mislabeled meat from entering public, government funds


  3. authoritarinanismtorpedo struck the British passenger liner


  4. capitaldrastic food shortage


  5. Ida Tarbelwhen the stock markets go down