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  1. Packingtown
  2. fifteenth amendment
  3. siox
  4. NAWSA
  5. submarine
  1. a underwater boat
  2. b powerful and numerous tribe that was divided into several small groupings
  3. c Congress inforced that you shouldnt be discriminated against for color, race, or former slave in the act of voting
  4. d another name for Chicago
  5. e national american womens suffrage association an organization trying to get womens right to vote

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  1. a german note that proposed an alliance with mexico that the british intercepted
  2. a system of insurance that reimburses an employee for damages that must be paid to an employee for injury on the job
  3. when the bank pays you a little money for putting money into your account
  4. united mine workers went on strike to bargain with coal operators for improvments in wages/hours and better working conditions
  5. religious movement because it was believed that the world would end soon and the Indians would inherit the world

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  1. a runwhen everyone suddenly withdraws their money at once


  2. Meat Inspection Act of 1906authorized inspectors to stop any bad or mislabeled meat from entering public, government funds


  3. abolition movementtrying to get rid of slavery


  4. Black Hawkdistinguished warrior in the war of 1812 and a invertabrate for american expansion


  5. Laissez-fairesituation in a war where warring parties agree to stop fighting temporarily