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  1. allied powers
  2. nationalists
  3. Sarajevo
  4. merrium report
  5. trenches
  1. a ditch with steep sides
  2. b an alliance between France Russia and Italy
  3. c the report of poverty disease and the underemployment of the Native Americans
  4. d a person with desire for political indepence
  5. e capital city of BH in the central part of the country

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  1. an intergovernmental organization founded as a result of the Paris Peace conference that ended the first world war
  2. when people go against what they are suposed to to prove a point
  3. a person who is against war or any violence at all
  4. when the stock markets go up
  5. powerful and numerous tribe that was divided into several small groupings

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  1. Susan b anthonyOne of the leader of women's suffrage movement


  2. Armoura meat packing company that is the leading Chicago meat packing company


  3. temperance movementmoderation of alchol


  4. emegrateleave a county


  5. ghost dancereligious movement because it was believed that the world would end soon and the Indians would inherit the world