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Questions and terms asked on the private pilot oral exam.

Four main flight controls in a Helicopter?

Cyclic, Throttle, Collective, and Anti-torque pedals

How are inputs transferred through the controls?

Inputs are transferred from the controls by rods and pulls through the mass and to the stationary and rotating swash plate, up to the pitch links and pitch horn 90* as well as the coning and teetering bolts.

What flight control controls pitch and roll?

The cyclic controls the Lateral pitch and the Longitudinal roll.

What is the cause for the body to react 90* later in the plane of rotation after inputs are made and how do we correct for this in a helicopter?

Gyroscopic procession is the problem force applied to spinning objects where the inputs happens 90 later in the plane of rotation, the solution is the pitch horns set at 90 in advance so that those inputs happen when they are suppose to.

How many volts/amps are the battery/alternator in a R-22?

Battery volts 12 amps 25
Alternator volts 14 amps 60

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