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Exam 3

President Jackson issues ______in 1836 to require purchase of public land in gold or silver.
Specie Circular
Which of the following was a doctrine, forcefully articulated by John C. Calhoun in 14828, asserting that a state could invalidate, within its own boundaries, federal legislation the state regarded as unconstitutional.
The basic concept underlying the "spoil system" was that ?
party workers must be rewarded with political office after a successful campaign.
The unifying principle of the Whig party was
Opposition to "King Andrew" Jackson.
The Native AMerican nation forced to move from Georgia as a result of Jackson's policies was the
Which of the following is the name given to the 1838 forced removal of Cherokee and other Indians from Georgia and the western Appalachians to Indian Territory in Oklahoma and nearby regions
Trail of Tears
Which of the following terms is typically applied to the political tension between the Democratic party, as rejuvenated by Andrew Jackson in 1828, and the Whigs, who emerged in response to Jackson?
Second Party System
Jackson's advisers who did not hold regular cabinet appointments were called the
Kitchen Cabinet.
In response to the espousal of the states' rights doctrine on the Senate floor by South Carolinian Robert Hayne, which of the following argued that the Constitution was a compact of the people and that the Union was indissoluble?
Daniel Webster
Part of the "democratizing" of politics during the age of Jackson was the
elimination of property qualifications for voting and holding office
The Auburn system was a pioneering experiment in
prison reform.
The pioneer in developing methods for educating deaf people who opened a school for deaf students in 1817 was
Thomas Gallaudet.
Herman Melville's book which your text calls "one of the finest novels written by an American" is
Moby Dick.
The Declaration of Sentiments from the Seneca Falls Convention states "We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men and women are created equal." A primary author of this statement was
Elizabeth Cady Stanton.
The most effective preacher of the Second Great Awakening was
Charles Grandison Finney
The greatest expression of Romanticism in the United States was through
"The formation of the moral and intellectual character of the young is committed mainly to the female hand...The mother forms the character of the future man." This statement supports the concept of
the Cult of True Womanhood
The most influential black abolitionist was
Frederick Douglass
What your text labels "the third pillar of the emerging American middle class," alongside the family and church, which had neither colonial precedents nor European equivalents, was
voluntary associations.
The famous book in which Alexis de Tocqueville analyzed American society was
Democracy in America.
The original advocate of organizing new territories on the basis of "popular sovereignty" was
Lewis Cass.
The leader of the Texas independence movement and first president of the Republic of Texas was
Sam Houston
James W. Marshall discovered gold in the Sacramento Valley in 1848 and set off the gold rush?
_____ was the chief clerk of the State Department who negotiated the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo against the orders of President Polk.
Nicholas P. Trist
Stephen Austin led the first American settlement of Texas.
Manifest destiny might best be described as the belief that Americans were
God's ch'sen people.
The ________ Treaty settled the disputed boundary between Maine and New Brunswick and demonstrated the growing Anglo-American economic dependence.
"Oreg"n fever" ref"rred to
the desire to go to Oregon.
American settlement in the Oregon region was centered in the
Willamette Valley.
"As an express and fundamental condition to the acquisition of any territory from the Republic of Mexico...neither slavery nor involuntary servitude shall
Wilmot Proviso.
By the 1850s the United States led the world in manufacturing
goods produced with precision instruments.
Cyrus Hall McCormick played the leading role in perfecting the
mechanical reaper
The South was particularly backward in railroad construction because it
had a scattered population.
The first railroad to begin operating in the United States was the ________ Railroad.
Baltimore and Ohio
Most of the industrial workers in the mid-nineteenth century
lived in the crowded, squalid slums springing up in major cities.
Clipper ships designed by Donald McKay were popular because they
provided fast oceanic transportation
In Commonwealth v. Hunt, Massachusetts courts first established the legality of
labor unions
In the 1830s, Nat Turner gained notoriety as the leader of the
most sensational slave uprising in the early nineteenth century
The most important southern crop in the 1840s and 1850s was
By the middle of the nineteenth century much of the South's cotton trade was controlled by
New York capitalists.
The conflict between Jackson and Calhoun was sharpened by their strong disagreement over the
Webster-Hayne debate.
South Carolina's challenge to the tariffs of 1828 and 1832 is called the
Nullification Crisis.