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  1. Genetic diversity
  2. Deforestation
  3. Conservation
  4. Growth rate
  5. Nonrenewable resource
  1. a Rate of increase or decrease of a population
  2. b Loss of forests through natural or man made causes; logging forests
  3. c Total genetic variety on the planet
  4. d A way of manageing natural resources to preserve habitats and wildlife.
  5. e Any resource that cannot be replaced by natural processes; ex. Oil, coal, aluminum

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  1. study of human populations
  2. Most number of individuals that an ecosystem can have
  3. population movement out of an area
  4. Lots of different habitats, communities, and ecological processes in the world.
  5. Growth that increases over time. Found under perfect conditions only

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  1. Sustainability/sustainable developmenta break in an ecosystem by natural or man made barriers.


  2. By-catchpopulation movement out of an area


  3. BiodiversityTotal diversity in the biosphere. The combination of ecosystem, species, and genetic diversity.


  4. DesertificationLoss of forests through natural or man made causes; logging forests


  5. Immigrationpopulation movement out of an area