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  1. Limiting factor
  2. Species diversity
  3. Growth rate
  4. Emigration
  5. Carrying capacity
  1. a population movement out of an area
  2. b Anything that limits population growth
  3. c Number of different species in the biosphere
  4. d Rate of increase or decrease of a population
  5. e Most number of individuals that an ecosystem can have

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  1. Number of individuals in an area
  2. Species that move into ecosystems that do not contain any of their normal population limiting factors
  3. Total genetic variety on the planet
  4. Removing more fish from the oceans than can be naturally produced; catching more fish than will be born
  5. Growth that increases over time. Found under perfect conditions only

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  1. Renewable resourceResources can regenerate or replenish over time;ex. growing more trees after logging/using wind energy/cleaning and reusing drinking water


  2. Extinctionpopulation movement out of an area


  3. Demographypopulation movement out of an area


  4. Density-Independent limiting factorlimits population growth not based on population density; ex. natural disaster, seasonal changes, etc.


  5. BiodiversityTotal diversity in the biosphere. The combination of ecosystem, species, and genetic diversity.