Charity, Transition Words


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in addition; giving more information
Ex. Furthermore, I would like to give recognition to Mrs. Groves for so many years or teaching at the Todd County Middle School.
In addition
giving more information
Ex. In addition to failing all your classes, you also wrecked the Techer's comference room 3 times. This is the last straw!
in like or similar manner
Ex. She finished her performance perfectly, and her partner followed her in likewise manner.
in addition; giving more information
Ex. Moreover, I would like to recommend her for the art gallery opening this week.
because of the reason that is given; it fits...along the same lines
Ex. She followed the teachers instructions accordingly.
As a result
because of this...
Ex. He refused to listen at all. As a result, he is now sitting in detention and will have ASD on the following two Tuesdays and Thursdays.
used to show a conclusion is coming
Ex. She did an excellence job this week! Therefore, I think she deserves a promotion.
as a consequence of what happened
Ex. Consequently, he got suspended for two weeks' even though he didn't do anything that bad.
as a result of what I said...
Ex. Thusfore, I take full responsibility for her actions and transgressions.
Above all
above and beyond all other consideration
Ex. Above all the bad things she's done, I still knw she has a good heart and a good head.
In essence
most importantly...
Ex. In essence, we won the battle and overcame our differencs between one another.
In other words
put another way
Ex. In other words, I suggest you start studying a little harder so you can actually pass this semester and stay in high school for the rest of the year.
in place of, or as an alternative to
Ex. Instead of me going to New York this weekend, why don't you let Jane go? She's never been and would like to go.
on the other hand...shows some "opposite" info is coming
Ex. However, I have no other job and I'll just have to keep this one until a different be becomes opened.
never mind anything else...
Ex. Nevertheless, I will overcome this trial too, just like all the other ones before this.
In contrast
as an opposite
Ex. In contrast to her sister, she remains tall, lanky and gorgeous.
at the same time
Ex. Meanwhile, my sister was having fun at her boyfriends party while I was stuck at an old, boring family reunion.
at the exact same time
Everything began to happen simultaneously. I can hardly remember anything that went on.
In conclusion
to sum it all up
In conclusion, I settled for NCU and met the love of my life while I was there.
On the contrary
as an opposite...
The speaker said "On the contrary. I will put him first, before all else."
On the one hand
for one example
On the one hand, I think he would be an asset to the magazine.
even though
Although the rest was sort of boring, I still had a great time because of Alyssa's party.
making an additional point; anyway
Ex. Besies the low A on my report card, I had really good grades.
In particular
Ex. I didn't like those people you were hanging out with. That one girl, in particular.
In fact
in truth
Ex. In fact, I've never had a better time.
perfectly; in a perfect situation
Ex. The plans fit in ideally.
In spite of
regardless of
Ex. In spite of everything, she still managed to get all A's on her report card.
in spite of; no matter about all the rest
Ex. He said he'd be here, regardless of the time.