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Property/ money given as surety a person will return at given time


concealment calculated to deceive another to their disadvantage


unlawful killing of a human being


form of homicide that lacks intent

Lethal injection

main form of capital punishment in the U.S.A

Disorderly conduct

an act that disturbs another or causes a breach of peace

Grand Jury

Panel of registered voters which considers prosecutor's charges


Method of dealing with offenders by allowing them to go at large under supervision

Medium security prison

double fences, cell-type housing, higher staff-to-inmate ratio

United States Prison

High security institutions, single-occupant cells, highest staff-to- inmate ration

Hung Jury

those unable to agree on a verdict

Juvenile detention

youth detention cent under 21 years of age

Federal prison camp

Minimum security prison, dormitories, low staff-to-inmate ratio

Capital punishment

Putting a condemned person to death "death penalty"


higher court reviewing a lower court's judgment


an order from the court commanding an arrest of an individual

Miranda rights

what is told to a suspect upon arrest


defendant is not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt


Illegally entering someone's property with intent to commit theft


conditional release from prison


a formal written statement by a prosecution charging a person with an offense


To stand before a court and answer an indictment


a setting free from a charge or offense

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