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Ch.9/10 Key People/Events

Stephen Austin
leader of American immigration to Texas in the 1820s; he negotiated land grants with Mexico and tried to moderate growing Texan rebelliousness in the 1830s. After Texas became an independent nation, he served as its secretary of state.
George Childress
Tennessee native who moved to Texas and was the principal author of the Texas declaration of independence from Mexico
James Fannin
colonel in Texas army who surrendered at Coleto Creek and was massacred at Goliad
Sam Houston
Politician and military leader who fought to gain independence for Texas from Mexico and to make it a part of the United States; first President of the Republic of Texas; commander of the Texas army at the Battle of San Jacinto; former governor of Tennessee
Mirabeau B. Lamar
commanded the entire Texan cavalry at San Jacinto and later served as the second president of the republic of Texas
Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
political opportunist and general who
served as president of Mexico eleven different times and commanded the
Mexican army during the Texas Revolution in the 1830s and the war with
the United States in the 1840s.
William B. Travis
commander of the regular army at the Alamo
Lorenzo de Zavala
Spanish leader in the Texan revolution, later became vice-president of Texas
Jim Bowie
commanded volunteers at the alamo
Battle of the Alamo
Texans were greatly outnumbered and many were killed by the Mexicans. However, Texans were then inspired to seek revenge.
Runaway Scrape
the flight of Texas settlers who feared the advance of Santa Anna and his army
David G. Burnet
Who was the ad interim president of Texas?
Juan Seguin
Tejano patriot/ sent from the Alamo as a messenger/ hero at San Jacinto
Erastus "Deaf" Smith
Chief Scout for Houston
destroyed Vinces' Bridge at San Jacinto
Ben Milam
What Texas leader was killed in the Siege of Bexar (San Antonio)? He also helped capture Goliad.
"Grass Fight"
Incident in November 1835 where a group of Texas soldiers ambushed Mexican Troops. The Texans thought they had silver on their pack animals, but when they cut the bags open, they had grass in them
David Crockett
United States frontiersman and Tennessee politician who died at the siege of the Alamo (1786-1836)
Albert Martin
Led volounteer reinforcements to the Alamo from Gonzales
Battle of Coleto Creek
a battle fought east of Goliad between Texas forces commanded by colonel James Fannin and Mexican forces commanded by Jose Urrea. Fannin (TX) surrendered to Urrea (Mexico). Most survivors were later shot on the orders of Santa Anna.
General Cos
Mexican General who brought the first troops into San Antonio and eventually surrendered to the Texans.
Colonel Ugartechea
Mexican commander who ordered the people of Gonzales to surrender their cannon.
General Urrea
Mexican General who was ordered to execute Fannin and his men after the Battle of Coletto Creek at Goliad.