CJS101 Chapter 7

Most police work includes
keeping the police
studies of police arrest activity suggest, in general, that
police work is a primary peacekeeping option
at the apex of the police peace keeping role is
the right to use force
police organizations are structured under a
bureautic model
the organization of policing has
lower level unit and bureau commanders who are under the direct supervision of the cheif of police
which of the following has an incorrect statement about police and terroism
ports and harbors are now protected exclusively by federal agencies
a crime is considered cleared when
a dectective completes an investigation
multiple investigation occurs when
the arrest of one person results in the clearing of numerous other crimes
an exceptional clearence in police terminology occurs when
some element beyond police contol prevents them from taking the offender into coustody
police discretion exists
whenever an an officer or police agency is free to choose among various alternatives
asubculture is
the normative system of a particular group that is smaller than and essentially different from dominant culture
the two elements of the police role that serve to shape the working personality of police are
danger and authority
the police role is seperate from those opf the private citizen because the
police have the legitimate right to use force
most police systems have a complex system of rules that
outlline facet and procedure of police duty
conducting full-scale investigations of criminal acts is not an aspect of
police patrol work
the proportion of crimes cleared by arrest is reffered to the
clearence rate
police officers are socialized into the police culture that begins at
the police academy
full enforcement of the law is
impossible and undesireable
community policing is
a new approach that is more of a philosphy than a set of tactics and is best defined as a collaborative effort between the police and the community to identify problems od crime and devlop solutions within the community
protecting public saftey is an aspect of
police patrol work
a police officer is the first to interpret
wether a law has been broken
according to a survey of police attitudes twoards domestic violence the mjority of police officers polled believe that
the best course of actions when responding to these situations is the offender should be reffered to consuleing
statetory rape
is not an internet crime
cyberpolice target
pedophiles drug smugglers and con artisits
police matrons
had limited authority with duties restricted to such tasks as searching female prisoners and inspecting nightclubs for delinquent girls
according to the national center for women and policing womens representation in policing has increased slowly because
recruitment policies favor men
new york adopted the broken windows philosphy known as
problem oriented policing
studies have demonstrated police foot patrolls
reduce citizen fear, increase citizen satisfaction with the police, demonstrate potential, and demonstrate potential for reducing service calls to police