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  1. stanza
  2. speaker
  3. refrain
  4. septet
  5. quintain
  1. a 7 lines
  2. b group of lines in a poem that are separated from other lines
  3. c a phrase or verse recurring at intervals in a poem or song especially at the end of each stanza
  4. d 5 lines
  5. e one who speaks: narrator

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  1. rhymes that sound close enough to each other to be called a rhyme
  2. a type of emotional song-like story
  3. rhymes occur within a line
  4. a figure of speech in which two things are compared using like or as
  5. basic unit of a poem that can be one word or many

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  1. personificationthe act or process of repeating or being repeated


  2. end rhymesrhyming of last words of different lines


  3. symbola concrete object that represents something else


  4. quatrain5 lines


  5. octave8 lines


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