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  1. line
  2. repitition
  3. slant or near rhymes
  4. stanza
  5. narrative poetry
  1. a group of lines in a poem that are separated from other lines
  2. b rhymes that sound close enough to each other to be called a rhyme
  3. c the act or process of repeating or being repeated
  4. d basic unit of a poem that can be one word or many
  5. e poetry that has a plot

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  1. rhyming of last words of different lines
  2. indicates which lines of a poem have the same end rhyme(uses letters)
  3. 2 lines
  4. 3 lines
  5. a concrete object that represents something else

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  1. alliteration(and assonance)matching or repitition of consonants at the beginning of words


  2. similea concrete object that represents something else


  3. sestet7 lines


  4. lyric poetrya type of emotional song-like story


  5. refrain4 lines