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  1. imagery
  2. alliteration(and assonance)
  3. couplet
  4. slant or near rhymes
  5. meter
  1. a rhymes that sound close enough to each other to be called a rhyme
  2. b a set of mental pictures or images
  3. c pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables
  4. d 2 lines
  5. e matching or repitition of consonants at the beginning of words

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  1. a phrase or verse recurring at intervals in a poem or song especially at the end of each stanza
  2. a figure of speech in which two things are compared not using like or as
  3. rhymes occur within a line
  4. indicates which lines of a poem have the same end rhyme(uses letters)
  5. poetry that has a plot

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  1. sestet6 lines


  2. parallelismsame parts of speech in the same place, same grammatical pattern


  3. symbola concrete object that represents something else


  4. onomatopoeiathe formation or use of words to imitate the sounds associated with objects and actions


  5. tercet3 lines