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Mail Merge Vocabulary

Mail Merge
A process that inserts variable information into a standardized document to produce a personalized or customized document.
Main Document
The document containing the standardized text that will be printed on all documents.
Merge Field
A placeholder in the main document that marks where and what will be inserted from the data source document.
Merge Block
A set of merge fields stored as one unit. For example, the Address block contains all of the name and address information.
Data Source
The document containing the variable data that will be inserted during the merge.
Office Address List
A simple data source file stored in Access file format that includes the information needed for an address list, such as first name, last name, street, city, state, and so on.
Microsoft Access Database
A file created with the Microsoft Access program used for storing information.
Merge Document
The customized document resulting from a merge.
One item of variable data, such as a first name, a last name, or a ZIP code.
A collection of variable data about one person or thing. In a form letter merge for example, each record contains variable data for each person receiving the letter: first name, last name, address, city, state, and ZIP code.
Address List Form
A dialog box used to enter mailing information for a data source file.
Column Heading
The label displayed at the top of a column
A single document listing data source file entries