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  1. drawer
  2. money orders
  3. credit union
  4. blank endorsement
  5. drawee
  1. a the owner of the account who signs the check
  2. b the bank or other financial institution that pays the check
  3. c consists of only the endorser's name; most unsafe way to endorse a check
  4. d user-owned, not-for-profit, serving members only
  5. e a form of payment that orders the issuing agency to pay the amount printed on the form to another party

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  1. a personal check for which a bank has guaranteed payment
  2. protects depositor's money in case of the failure of a bank; up to $250,000.00
  3. the report the bank will send (mail or email) you on the status of your account
  4. do not take or hold deposits; earn their money selling specific services or policies
  5. special forms designed for making payments when away from home; helpful when traveling so you do not have to carry cash

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  1. safe deposit boxesuser-owned, not-for-profit, serving members only


  2. outstanding checksa personal check for which a bank has guaranteed payment


  3. check registera separate book, usually the same size as the checkbook, used for recording account activities


  4. restrictive endorsementallows you to transfer a check to another person


  5. bank reconciliationdocument created to show how the bank statement and your check register are brought into balance (equal one another)