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What was the first co-ed college? What year was it available to women?

Oberlin College; 1837

How many hours a day did the average factory worker work?

12-13 hours

Who was the primary group of people employed at the time?

Women and children

How did Texas get its independence?

The Texas revolution against Mexico

Who invented the cotton gin?

Eli Whitney

Who led the temperance movement?


What is the Monroe Doctrine?

Adresses European countries about non-colinization and non-intervention

Where did we get the Louisiana purchase from?


What is Manifest Destiny?

I'm a white man; I DO WHAT I WANT.

Why were men drinking so much at this time?

There was nothing else to do; they were bored

What was the result of the Missouri Compromise?

Tension between the North and South about slave states

What state did the Mormons eventually end up in?


Who was the Mormon prophet?

Joseph Smith

What was the first type of factory?


What was the purpose of "Uncle Tom's Cabin"?

To show the truth about slavery

Who were the two women who headed the suffrage movement?

Elizabeth Stanton and Susan B. Anthony

How were families different during this time?

They were smaller; about 4 kids

Who brought the factories to America?

Samuel Slater

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