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CH 7-9,16-25 &25

Direct contact between an interest group representative and a legislator for the purpose of influencing a specific public policy outcome is referred to as
A citizen's right to participate in political activities is found in
the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
Which of the following lobbyists must register and report their activities? Those
whose compensation exceeds $1,000 per quarter.
The media's interests are the same as the public's when they
promote open government.
Another term for an interest group that attempts to persuade government officials to follow a course of action is a
pressure group.
In regard to cultural politics which is (are) true?
All the above are true
Which of the following is (are) true?
The Socialist Party was an example of a party with strong ideological foundations and beliefs at odds with the majority of Americans.
Which of the following is (are) true?
It takes nothing to be a member of a political party.
Many political scientists contend that third parties
serve as a safety valve for dissident political groups, preventing major confrontations and political unrest.
Most candidates for public office in the United States are chosen
as a result of the candidate's own efforts and organization.
The party-in-government is
all of the elected and appointed officials who identify with a party.
The success of the Democratic Party in the 1820s
was linked to superior efforts to involved common citizens in the political process.
A political system in which only two parties have a reasonable chance of winning is called
a two-party system.
Which of the following occurs at precinct conventions?
Selection of delegates to county conventions
For a century after Reconstruction, the Texas political system was characterized by the
dominance of the Democratic Party.
The process of voters changing their allegiance from one party to another is called
James Madison criticized parties, or factions, as divisive but inevitable in the
Federalist Paper #10.
At the grassroots level of the permanent party structure is the
precinct chair.
American farmers and their workers represent about two percent of the U.S. population. This fact supports the proposition that
even a small percentage of the populace can be effective if they organize.
Which types of interest groups are defined as economic interest groups?
business, labor, and professionals.
All of the following are true of interest groups except that
there are approximately 1,500 interest groups
The most numerous types of interest groups in the United States are
economic interest groups.
Politically, the organization of working-class interests is known as
the labor movement
Interest groups attain a reputation for being powerful through all of the following except
their willingness to formally link themselves to a specific party.
The 2007 alliance between the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership and twenty labor unions
was viewed by union leaders as a way to expand union membership.
When members of one party vote in the other party's primary in order to influence the election's outcome it is called
cross-over voting.
Texas permits all the following forms of voting, except
Which statement regarding absentee and early voting in Texas is true?
When voting early there are more days on which to cast one's vote
An intra-party method in which voters help select their party's candidates for the next general election is referred to as the
direct primary.
The 24th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution outlawed the use of the
poll tax.
The "participation paradox" is the idea that most people vote despite the fact that they
probably won't influence the outcome.
To be eligible to vote on Election Day in Texas, a person must be all the following, except
pre-registered with a political party.
The constitutional amendment that removed the barrier to voting for women was the
19th Amendment