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The Cold War


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Who was the communist Dictator who ruled the Soviet Union through World War II and the Cold War until his death in 1953.
Joseph Stalin
Who was the leader of the Soviet Union from 1985 until the breakup of the Soviet Union?
Mikhail Gorbechev
Who was the president of the United States who decided to drop the atomic bomb, build the H-bomb, and send troops into Korea?
Harry Truman
What is the U.S. policy put forth to stop the spread of Communism?
What is the name of the agreement which limited the amount of missiles each country (Soviet Union and United States) could have during the Cold War?
Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (S.A.L.T)
What is the term used to describe the time period after World War II until the 1990's in which the United States and the Soviet Union conflicted, but never actually met on a battlefield?
The Cold War
Who was the leader of North Vietnamese communist during the Vietnam war?
Ho Chi Minh
What was the Allied response to the Soviet blockade around the German capital, in which planes dropped supplies into the city for nearly a year?
Berlin Airlift
What is the military alliance of free nations that was formed to combat Communism (formed by the U.S.)?
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (N.A.T.O.)
How was Europe at the end of World War II?
In terrible conditions: Millions of people were dead, major cities were destroyed, and it was hard to find supplies (food, water, and medicine).
Who was the commander of U.S. troops in Korea?
Douglas MacArthur
Chiang Kai-Shek and Mao Zedong fought a Civil War to gain control of this country.
The invasion of the North Communist portion of this country into the South resulted in U.S. intervention and this resulting war from 1950-1953.
Korean War
What is the name of the "insurgent" group in South Vietnam that fought against the U.S. during the Vietnam war ?
Viet Cong
What is the dividing parallel where the Korean "conflict" ended and still exist today?
38th Parallel
What was the parallel that divided Vietnam?
17th Parallel
What is the name of the couple which was accused of giving classified information regarding the building of the atomic bomb to the Soviets?
Who is the famous anti-communist activist who started a witch-hunt for communist in the U.S. state department?
Joseph R. McCarthy
Who is the Soviet leader who took over after Stalin and squared off against Kennedy during the Cuban Missile Crisis?
Nikita Krushchev
Who was the president of the United States through most of the 1950's?
Dwight D. Eisenhower
What separated East Germany from West Germany starting in 1961?
Berlin Wall
What is the name of the failed invasion of Cuba by former refugees with U.S. backing?
Bay of the Pigs Invasion
Who was the communist leader of Cuba?
Fidel Castro
What is the name of the population explosion which took place during the 1950's?
Baby Boom
What is the name of the Soviet "satellite" sent shock waves through the U.S. in 1957?
Why were Americans now fearful of the Soviet Union?
Americans were now not only behind the Soviets, but all Americans could fall under attack by Soviet missiles.
What is the event which brought the United States and the Soviet Union to the brink of World War III, early on in the 1960's?
Cuban Missile Crisis
What is the U.S. missile defense project under the Reagan administration?
Strategic Defense Initiative "Star Wars"
What year was Germany re-unified?
Who was the last "Cold War" U.S. President?
George H.W. Bush
What is the parallel dividing North and South Vietnam from 1954 until 1975?
17th parallel
Who was the first American astronaut in space?
Alan Shepard
Who was the first man in space?
Yuri Gregarin (U.S.S.R.)
What is the culminating event which signaled a U.S. "victory" in the space race?
Moon Landing on July 20,1969
What is the major counter offensive by the NVA and Viet Cong in 1968 which ultimately ended public support for the Vietnam war in the U.S?
Tet offensive
What is the "Iron Curtain" mentioned in Winston Churchill's speech?
The "Iron Curtain" was a metaphor to describe the divisions in Europe.
What was the Soviet Union's goal throughout the Cold War?
To spread world-wide communism
Why did communism spread easily throughout eastern Europe?
Communism appealed to poor-countries because communism is seen ideally through their eyes.
What are some specific aspects of the Cold War that display the divisions between the United States and the Soviet Union?
♦ KGB vs. CIA (Espionage)
♦ Communism vs. Capitalism
♦ Command Economy vs. Market Economy
♦ Warsaw Pact vs. N.A.T.O. (Military Alliance Divisions)
♦ Proxy Wars
♦ Arms Race (nuclear escalation)
What is the Marshall Plan?
Economic Recovery plan for countries in Western Europe.
What is the Truman Doctrine?
Truman Doctrine: a U.S. foreign policy, established in 1947 by President Harry S. Truman, of providing economic and military aid to countries—initially Greece and Turkey—that were attempting to resist communism
What is the Berlin Blockade?
June 1948, USSR blocked all traffic in and out of West Berlin. The United States felt that they couldn't afford to "lose" West Berlin.
How did the United States respond to the Berlin Blockade?
The West began the Berlin airlift; one full year of bringing necessities to West Berlin. Stalin didn't want to interfere because it would lead to war, so Stalin had no choice but to repeal the blockade.
What was the United States's goal during the Cold War?
Containment of communism & eventual collapse of communist war.
Who was Mao Zedong?
The leader of communist Party in China.
Who was Chaing Kai Shek?
The leader of the nationalist party in China.
How did the Korean War begin?
North Korean forces cross the 38th Parallel and attack South Korea.
How did the United States get involved in the Korean War?
South Korea pleaded with the UN (United Nations) for assistance.
Why is the Korean War often referred to as the forgotten war?
The Korean War is known as the forgotten war because the Korean was not a victory or a loss to any side participating in the war. Moreover, many citizens weren't as publicly conscious about the war (compared to World War II and other wars) because the war wasn't affecting many American lives directly.
Why did President Truman fire General MacArthur in 1951?
President Truman fired General MacArthur in 1951 because of disagreements of foreign policy and he made critical remarks toward the administration (MacArthur wants to go after China - even bomb them - Truman says no - MacArthur is fired).
Who replaced General MacArthur?
Mathew Ridgway took General MacArthur's place.
What did Truman cite as the toughest decision of his presidency?
Truman cites U.S. entrance in the Korean War as the toughest decision of his presidency.
The Cold War ended in the early 1990's with which two events?
The fall of the Berlin Wall and the breakup of the Soviet Union
Which countries supported North Vietnam and provided aid to North Vietnam?
The Soviet Union and China.
Which legislation limited the powers of the president to commit troops to war?
The War Powers Resolution
To what were Kent State students reacting by staging their 1970 antiwar protest?
The bombing of Cambodia.
When did the cold war begin and end?
How did the Soviet Union acquire the technology to create nuclear weapons?
Define Space Race:
A competition of space exploration between the United States and Soviet Union.
Why did Castro develop closer ties with the Soviet Union?
Cuba established a communist regime, just as the Soviet Union did.
How did the United States discover the Soviet missiles in Cuba?
A U-2 spy-plane photographed Soviet missiles placed in Cuba.
What did the fall of the Berlin Wall represent?
The symbolized the end of the Cold War.
Why did the Soviet Union invade Afghanistan?
They invaded Afghanistan in an attempt to turn it into a communist nation.
What marked the turning point of the Vietnam War?
Tet Offensive