Early Europe and Colonial Americas

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- 1155 CE, Lime stone, Stained Glass (Figure 13-5)
- West façade → royal portal
- inspiredbyportalatSaintDenis (decoratedwitholdtestamentfigures onallthree portals)
- Royal Portal→ named so due to figues of queens and kings decorate the door
- Subject and Composition:
oCapitals formafreize-likelinkacross threeportals:unitethethreeportals withlives of Virginand Christ → proclaimpower and authority of Christ
o Right portal:
•Tympanum:ChristonVirgin's lap
• Archivolts: personification of liberal arts → celebrate classical revival of 12th century, symbolize knowledge
o Central Portal
• Tympanum: second coming of Christ, surrounded by apostles and 4 evangelist
o Left Portal:
• Tympanum: Christ ascend to heaven
• Archivolt: signs of zodiac and scenes representing different labors of the months of the year
- Maryassumes acentralroleintheprogram→reflectCultofMary
o Cult reached a high point during gothic period
o Represented as queenof heaven→ rise of status
2. 60. Chartres Cathedral, Reconstructed c. 1194 - 1220 CE (Figure 13-33)
- Destroyed by fire in1194, Fire started at the crypt onthe east end(underground tomb for royals)
o Virgin's mantle survived → people took it as a omento build another churchonthe same spot
o Kept the survived west and east part → restricted the parameter, have to built taller
- Structure
o elevation
• clerestory → lancets + oculus
• nave arcade, triforium, clerestory
o plan→ new organization
•onesquareineachaisle(usedtobetwo),flanks asinglerectangularunitinthenave
• abandoned alternate support system
• four part vault
• the intersecting arch only covered one arch → huge number of arches → rhythmic patternto invoke visionof fluent movement
o first to have flying buttresses planned → eliminate the tribune
• allowed stained glass windows
•resolving thewalls,replacing withstainedglass
- Significance :
o Firsthighgothic structure
o elevation+ plan→ becomes the formula for highgothic structure