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a story told in dialogue by preformers in front of an audience.


the author of a drama which may also be called a play.

what are the dramatic speech types?


stage directions

describe the scenery and tell how the characters move and speak.


small movable items that make the set look realistic.

setting #1

setting is where and when (place and time) the story takes place

setting #2

setting can be in the past, present, or the future or in real or imaginary lands.

settting #3

the setting usually described in the stage directions.

setting #4

a new scene usually signals a change of setting.

what are the 2 types of drama



it has a happy ending. it often features ordinary characters in funny situations.


the events lead to the downfall of the main characters. the main charater might be an ordinary person, but the traditional tragic hero is a man of great significance, such as a king.


the way the actor portrays the character's qualities and faults.

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