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an ancient minoan city on the island of Crete

trojan war

War in which the Mycenaeans attacked the city of Troy.


blind poet who sang of heroic deeds. wrote the Iliad & The Odyssesy.


first civilization in ancient Greece in Crete

How did Mycenaeans get rich?

sea trade

What do the Iliad & The Odyssesy tells us about ancient Greek Life?

The Trojan War and the values of ancient Greeks


high city on top of a hill


a government in which a hereditary ruler has all the power.


land holding elite


wealthy merchants farmers and artisans who challenged the landowning nobles for power of the city-states.


a massive tactical formation of heavily armed foot soldiers.


government by the people


people who gain power by force

How did the topography of Greece affect each city state

Mountains divide the peninsula into valleys. Greeks settled on the scattered islands. No big empires.

Spartans practived what type of government


examples of how military ruled the Spartans life.

Took boys at seven for training
live in barracks
hard exercise
steal food
harsh discipline

Athens had what type of government


Differences between Athens & Sparta

Democratic Government
Elected officials
Owned their own land


Most powerful Greek god who lived on Mount Olympus in Northern Greece.

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