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Members of the planter aristocracy...

provided democratic rule in the South

Palntation agriculture was wasteful because...

its excessive cultivation of cotton dispoiled good land

German + Irish immigrantion to the South was discouraged by...

competition with slave labor

The majority of the south whites owned no slaves because because...

they could not afford the price

The most pro-Union of the white southerners were...

mountain whites

The great increase in slave population in the 1st half of the 1800th century was largely due to...

natural reproduction

Northern attitudes toward free blacks can be described as...

disliking the race but liking individual blacks

By 1860, slaves were concentrated in the "black belt" located...

from South Carolina to the Southwest (Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana)

As a substitute for a wage-incentive system...

Owners used whips as a motivation for their slaves

How was the south "undemocratic"?

South was based on an oligrachy, influenced by a planter aristocracy

Why did many whites who didn't own slaves support slavery?

Because of racial superiority - they felt that they were above blacks even if they didn't own any

Would it have been better to be a free Black in the North or in the South

In the south, because despite the fact that they were forbidden certain rights, they were more accepted a a race (third race)
-in the north, they had competition for labor and werent accepted as a race

What was a positive situation for the slaves?

They were valuable - so they were spared from dangerous works

Compare William Lloyd Garrison vs. Federick Douglass

W. G. - nonresistant pacifist, was stubbornly principled
F. D. - fought for civil rights for blacks, was flexibly practical

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