Wordly Wise 3000 Book 7 Lesson 9

16 terms by laurynelise

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to make speechless with amazement


to follow; to come as a result of


a particular period in history


to thrive or to prosper; to wave in the air; a sweeping motion; a showy burst of music; a fancy line or curve added to something written


soldiers stationed in a place to protect it; a military place of protection, together with its soldiers and weapons; to provide soldiers with a place to live


causing grief or pain; hard to bear


to save and put away, especially secretly; anything in such a manner


to cover, as with water from a flood; to load with an excessive amount or number of something


impossible to defeat


a member of one group that settles briefly in one place and then moves on


having characteristics of a nomad


to stop from being angry; to calm


most important; a person or thing that is of greatest importance


to move back or to drop to a lower level; to become fainter


showing no mercy; pitiless


something given up for the sake of another; an offering to a god; to give up something for another; to offer something of value to a god

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