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  1. Accidental injury or negligence
  2. You ask Ms.Burton is she is ready to get dressed. she says "I would like to wait until after breakfast. She is exercising her right to:
  3. You should not take sides with a client against a family member.
  4. Mr.Burton continues to refuse to take a shower. Which is true?
  5. All people should be treated in a fair manner
  6. You can uphold the principle of justice by being concerned about all clients.

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  1. refuse treatmentMs.Burton will not consent to a physical examination. She is exercising her right to:


  2. NonmaleficenceDoing or promoting good


  3. Intentional harm (Преднамеренное вред)Accidental injury or negligence


  4. concerned with what is right and wrong behaviourWork ethics means:


  5. AutonomyHaving free choice


  6. True. Clients can decide what kind of treatments they want.Clients can decide what kind of treatments they want.