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  1. Abuse
  2. You should not take sides with a client against a family member.
  3. Clients can decide what kind of treatments they want.
  4. An example of just treatment includes:
  5. Doing or promoting good
  6. Support Workers have a formal code of ethics.

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  1. personal choiceYou ask Ms.Burton is she is ready to get dressed. she says "I would like to wait until after breakfast. She is exercising her right to:


  2. JusticeAll people should be treated in a fair manner


  3. The staff needs to find out why he refuses to shower.An example of just treatment includes:


  4. refuse treatmentMs.Burton will not consent to a physical examination. She is exercising her right to:


  5. behaviour in the workplaceWork ethics means:


  6. Unintentional harmAccidental injury or negligence


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