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This is about the Revolutionary war and things that led up to it

Boston Massacre

Event in Boston in which panicked British soldiers killed five colonists who were part of an angry group that surrounded them.

Declaration of Independence

Document declaring the 13 colonies independent of Great Britain.


A person who works against his or her country.


volunteer army


to cancel

Boston Tea Party

When the Sons of Liberty boarded British ships dressed as Mohawk Indians and dumped tea into the Boston Harbor because of British taxes on tea.

Treaty of Paris

Treaty signed that officially ended the American Revolution.

Green Mountain Boys

Group of Vermont Soldiers who captured Fort Ticonderoga in 1775.

Intolerable Acts

Laws passed by British Parliament to punish people of Boston for the Boston Tea Party

Olive Branch Petition

Letter sent by the Second Continental Congress to King George III in an attempt to avoid war.


an organized refusal to buy certain goods


Soldiers from one country who are paid to fight for another country.

Why were the Stamp Act and Townsend Acts imposed?

because Britain needed money.

Who were the Sons of Liberty organized by?

Samuel Adams

Patrick Henry

An energetic speaker who spoke out against the Stamp Act.
"Give me liberty or give me death!" was his most famous saying.

Who were the people that rode at night to warn the colonists of the British's attack?

Paul Revere, Samuel Prescott, and William Dawes

What event began the Revolutionary war?

"The shot heard round the world"

Where was the "shot heard round the world" fired?

In the Battle of Lexington

Who wrote Common Sense?

Thomas Paine

Why did Common sense make a difference?

Because it was easy for the colonists to understand the writing

Those who signed the Declaration of Independence would be viewed as ________ to Britain


What 3 important things did the Second Continental Congress do?

1. formed an army
2.Elected a commander of the army
3. Declared independence from England

________ gave the Americans renewed hope.

The victory over the Hessions at Trenton

Who became an ally to the Americans after their victory at the Battle of Saratoga?


List 5 events that led to the Revolutionary War


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