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  1. pharmcokinetics of Fluoroquinolones
  2. aminoglycosides
  3. red neck (man) syndrome
  4. pharmacokinetics of glycopeptides
  5. side effects/adverse run of macrolide
  1. a -gi n/v/d/ abdominal cramping
    -allergic rn are rare
    -when combined with other hepatotoxic drugs leads to hepatotoxicity; usually reversible when the drug is discnt.
  2. b -oral: treats antibiotic associated pseudomembranous colitis due to c.diff
    -IV: treats severe infections due to MRSA; septicemia; bone, skin, lower reps tract infect that are resistant to other antibiotics
    -t-1/2 life: 6 hrs
    -excretion via urine
  3. c -well absorbed from GI tract
    -low protein binding effect
    -moderate half life: 6-8 hrs
    -excreted via urine
  4. d -inhibits bacterial protein synthesis
    -gram - bact
    -reserved for serious infections
    -not absorbedvia GI tract; does not cross BBB
    -IM/IV only
    -gentamycin, tobramycin, amikacin, streptomycin
    -s/e: ototoxicity, nephrotoxicity, superinfection
    -peak levels drawn to monitor toxicity
    -troug levels to monitor maintenance of therapeutic drug levee
  5. e - due to too rapid of an infusion of glycopeptide
    -red blotching of face/neck/chest
    -toxic not allergic rxn
    -no need to stop infusion, lower infusion rate

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  1. -all inhibit protein synthesis
    -clarithromycin: 2x a day (BID)
    -azitromycin: QD x 5 days; t-1/2= 50 hours
  2. -PO only
  3. -orally: absorption by GI tract
    -not affected by food intake
    -excreted through feces, urine
    -t-1/2: 10 hrs
  4. inhibits cell wall synthesis; active against several gr + bacteria; peaks 30min after IV infusion
  5. -increase risk with declomycin and long acting forms.
    -get sun-burnt 10x worse than average

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  1. pharmacodynamics of Fluoroquinolones-inhibits bacterial DNA synthesis by inhibiting the enzyme DNA gyrase
    -effect of oral hypoglycemics, theophylline and caffeine are increased with concurrent use of a Fluoroquinolones
    -peak con: 1-2 hrs


  2. avelox-more active against s. pneumoniae than levaquin is


  3. macrolides-structurally related to macrocodes
    -ketek: (18+) treats mild to moderate CAP
    -adverse rxn: may lead to an exacerbation of myashenia gravis
    -many drug interactions


  4. pharmacokinetics of aminoglycosides-bactericidal
    -preg cat. C
    -onset of action: immediate
    -peak action: 1-2 hrs


  5. cipro-broad spectrum of action; lower respitory infections, UTIs, bone, skin