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The _______ displays the name of the open file and the program.
title bar
Line spacing is the amount of space that appears between lines of text within a _______.
line spacing
By default, Word documents include _______ margins on all sides of the document.
1 inch
To be sure the document is ready to print, and to avoid wasting paper and time, you should first review it in _______ view.
A _______ is a set of characters that uses the same typeface.
A(n) _______ is a window that helps you navigate through a complex feature
Task pane
Changing the _______ affects only the way the document is displayed on the screen.
To accept an AutoComplete suggestion, press the _______ key.
_______ is a Word feature that automatically inserts the dates and other regularly used items.
The letters you type appear at the current location of the _______.
insertion point
Which keystroke(s) should you use to move the insertion point to the end of the line you are currently on?
To correct an error marked by either the spelling or grammar checker, you can right-click the error, and then select the correct replacement on the _______ menu.
A wavy _______ line appears if you type a word that is not in the dictionary at all.
The _______ feature shows the results that would occur in your document if you clicked the option to which you are pointing.
Text in newspapers uses _______ alignment so that full lines of text are spaced between the left and right margins without the text being ragged.
To copy formatting from the selected text to other text in the document, use the _______ button.
format pointer
A(n) _______ tab appears on the ribbon only when an object is selected.
The shaded space between the first and second pages of a document indicates a ____ break.
To access square bullets, click the ____ to access the full gallery of bullet styles.
Bullet button arrow
Which of the following is NOT a way to move text in Word?
cut and copy
The Office ____ is a temporary storage area on your computer that holds objects such as text or graphics until you need them.
To replace text with a new word or phrase, use the line indicated by item ____.
After the words, "Replace with:"
If you press the ____ keys, the insertion point moves to the beginning of the document.
control + home
The Themes button can be found in the Document Formatting group on the ____ tab.
A ____ is a coordinated collection of fonts, colors, and other visual effects designed to give a document a cohesive, polished look.
In the world of academics, style guides emphasize the proper way to create ____.
The ____ guidelines were developed to simplify the process of transforming a manuscript into a journal article or a chapter of a book.
The indent buttons on the HOME tab allow you to increase or decrease paragraph indenting in increments of ____ inches.
With a ____ indent, all lines except the first line of the paragraph are indented from the left margin
In Microsoft Word, pressing the ____ key(s) will move the insertion point to the end of the document.
ctrl end
On the Table button grid, Word indicates the size of the table by ____ at the top of the grid when dragging the pointer across a selection.
If data takes up more than one line in a cell, ____.
When you press the Tab key in the last cell in the table, ____.
When you sort a table, you arrange the rows based on the ____ of one of the columns.
To delete the structure of a row, column, or table, select the row, column, or table, and then use ____.
To delete only the selected contents of the table, but not the table itself, ____.
Styles for formatting rows or columns in alternating colors are referred to as ____ rows or columns.
A(n) ____ is a location on the horizontal ruler where the insertion point moves when you press the Tab key.
Which of the following is not a major tab stop?
To organize large amounts of information, it is best to use ____.
To create a footnote, click Insert Footnote in the Footnotes group on the ____ tab.
To format part of a document in an orientation different from the rest of the document, you need to ____.
To create SmartArt, switch to the INSERT tab and use a button in the ____ group.
Which of the following is not a category in the SmartArt Graphic dialog box?
A(n) ____ should not be included on a cover page.
Cover Page styles in the Cover Page gallery match the preformatted ____ styles in Word, making it easier to create a coherent style by choosing matching names.
Which of the following is NOT an example of a type of clip art?
Pictures and text boxes are separate from the document text; you need to adjust the way text flows, or _______, around them.
WordArt is considered a(n) _______ that can be manipulated independently of the text.
Word's AutoCorrect feature automatically converts some standard characters into more polished-looking characters, such as the em dash or copyright symbol, known as _______.