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Chemistry Chapter 15: Lipids

monounsaturated fatty acids
fatty acids with one double bond
types of lipid composed of a multicyclic ring system
the most prevalent of the steroid compounds; needed for cellular membranes, the synthesis of vitamin D, hormones, and bile salts
polyunsaturated fatty acids
fatty acids that contain two or more double bonds
the addition of hydrogen to unsaturated fats
saturated fatty acids
fatty acids that have no double bonds, they have higher melting points than unsaturated lipids, and are usually solid at room temperature
a triacylglycerol obtained from a plant source; usually liquid at room temperature
a family of compounds that is nonpolar in nature and not soluble in water, includes fatty acids, prostaglandins, waxes, triacylglycerols, glycerophospholipids, and steroids
a triacylglycerol obtained from an animal source; usually a solid at room temperature
fatty acids
long chain carboxylic acids found in many lipids