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  1. Voltage-gated channels are found in which axons of neurons?
  2. Astrocytes capillaries form what in order to prevent the passage of bacteria/viruses?
  3. The production of graded potentials and action potentials depend on what two basic features?
  4. Conduction that occurs in myelinated axons
  5. A stimulus that is just strong enough to depolarize the membrane
  1. a ALL axons of neurons
  2. b saltatory conduction
  3. c threshold stimulus
  4. d resting membrane potential
    presence of ion channels
  5. e blood-brain barrier

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  1. nodes of Ranvier
  2. neurotransmitters, hormones, and particular ions
  3. processes sensory input by integrating and using perception
  4. tract
  5. away from CNS to effectors in the PNS

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  1. Action potentials communicate over?short distances


  2. Electrical synapses are common in?afferent


  3. Sensory neurons are also known as?efferent


  4. The ability to respond to a stimulus and convert it into an action potentialelectrical excitability


  5. What are the three ways to remove a neurotransmitter?small molecule neurotransmitters