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  1. Which small molecule neurotransmitter is formed on demand and acts immediately?
  2. What are the two types of neuroglia cells in the PNS?
  3. Motor neurons are also known as?
  4. An individual nerve fiber is surrounded by?
  5. Electrical synapses are common in?
  1. a endoneurium
  2. b Schwann cells and satellite cells
  3. c efferent
  4. d nitric oxide
  5. e visceral smooth muscle and cardiac muscle

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  1. leakage channels
  2. processes sensory input by integrating and using perception
  3. detect internal and external changes
  4. adenosine
  5. threshold stimulus

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  1. Opens and closes in response to vibrations, touch, pressure, and tissue stretchingligand-gated channels


  2. Propagates nerve impulses toward another neuron, muscle or glandaxon


  3. The membrane's permeability to K+ is much higher than?its permeability to Na+


  4. What happens when the action potential repolarizes?Na+ gates close
    K+ flows out of the cell


  5. A neurotransmitter that cause hyperpolarization of the postsynaptic membrane is?inhibitory: membrane more negative, even farther from threshold than in its resting state


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