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  1. Conduction that occurs in myelinated axons
  2. An action potential begins and travels due to the movement of what ions?
  3. What happens when the action potential repolarizes?
  4. Gaps in the myelin sheath are called?
  5. What is known as the body's natural pain killers?
  1. a Na+ gates close
    K+ flows out of the cell
  2. b nodes of Ranvier
  3. c opioid peptides
  4. d Na+(sodium) and K+(potassium)
  5. e saltatory conduction

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  1. tract
  2. Na+ rushes into the cell
  3. cell body, dendrites, and an axon
  4. phagocytes
  5. neurons and neuroglia

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  1. What are oligodendrocytes responsible in forming?somatic nervous system(SNS)
    autonomic nervous system(ANS)
    enteric nervous system(ENS)


  2. How do astrocytes help maintain an appropriate chemical environment for the generation of nerve impulses?faster communication and synchronization


  3. A stimulus that is just strong enough to depolarize the membranenucleus


  4. What are the four types of ion channels?leakage, ligand-gated, mechanically-gated, and voltage-gated


  5. What are the three functions of the nervous system?sensory, integrative, and motor