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  1. What are the three classifications of neurons?
  2. A type of neurotransmitter receptor that contains a neurotransmitter binding site and an ion channel
  3. Opens in response to a change in membrane potential
  4. Which neuropeptide enhances perception of pain and is inhibited by endorphins and enkephalin?
  5. The conscious awareness of sensory stimuli
  1. a substance P
  2. b multipolar, bipolar, and unipolar
  3. c voltage-gated
  4. d perception
  5. e ionotropic receptor

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  1. phagocytes
  2. myelinated axons
  3. convey info from somatic and special sense receptors
    conduct impulses to skeletal muscle only
  4. away from CNS to effectors in the PNS
  5. sensory, integrative, and motor

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  1. An individual nerve fiber is surrounded by?visceral smooth muscle and cardiac muscle


  2. A cluster of cell bodies in the CNSnucleus


  3. Opens and closes in response to vibrations, touch, pressure, and tissue stretchingaway from CNS to effectors in the PNS


  4. A sequence of rapidly occurring events that decrease and reverse the membrane potential and then eventually restore it to its resting statethreshold stimulus


  5. A neurotransmitter that cause hyperpolarization of the postsynaptic membrane is?multipolar, bipolar, and unipolar