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  1. Astrocytes capillaries form what in order to prevent the passage of bacteria/viruses?
  2. Causes relaxation of smooth muscle
  3. What happens when the action potential repolarizes?
  4. What are oligodendrocytes responsible in forming?
  5. What are the three functions of the nervous system?
  1. a Na+ gates close
    K+ flows out of the cell
  2. b forming and maintaining the myelin sheath
  3. c blood-brain barrier
  4. d sensory, integrative, and motor
  5. e vasodilation

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  1. myelinated axons
  2. continuous conduction
  3. resting membrane potential
    presence of ion channels
  4. axon
  5. synapse

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  1. Explain the integrative functionconvey info from somatic and special sense receptors
    conduct impulses to skeletal muscle only


  2. These neurons act as sensory receptors that detect touch, pressure, pain and temperatureunipolar neurons


  3. A sequence of rapidly occurring events that decrease and reverse the membrane potential and then eventually restore it to its resting statevoltage-gated


  4. Opens and closes in response to vibrations, touch, pressure, and tissue stretchingmechanically-gated channels


  5. A type of neurotransmitter receptor that contains a neurotransmitter binding site and an ion channelionotropic receptor