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  1. What happens when the action potential depolarizes?
  2. Causes relaxation of smooth muscle
  3. The ability to respond to a stimulus and convert it into an action potential
  4. A sequence of rapidly occurring events that decrease and reverse the membrane potential and then eventually restore it to its resting state
  5. What are the three classifications of neurons?
  1. a multipolar, bipolar, and unipolar
  2. b action potenital
  3. c electrical excitability
  4. d vasodilation
  5. e Na+ rushes into the cell

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  1. nucleus
  2. neurotransmitters, hormones, and particular ions
  3. afferent
  4. short distances
  5. epineurium

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  1. Which neuropeptide enhances perception of pain and is inhibited by endorphins and enkephalin?repolarization


  2. Period of time when neuron cannot generate another action potential in response to normal threshold stimulusaway from CNS to effectors in the PNS


  3. When an action potential occurs completely or not at allshort distances


  4. A group of nerve fibers is surrounded by?perineurium


  5. Ions move through plasma membrane along?saltatory conduction