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  1. Sensory neurons are also known as?
  2. What are the two main advantages of electrical synapses?
  3. These neurons are found in the retina, inner ear, and in the olfactory area of the brain
  4. What happens when the action potential depolarizes?
  5. The biogenic amines histamine and serotonin are categorized as indolamines and play what role?
  1. a bipolar neurons
  2. b Na+ rushes into the cell
  3. c afferent
  4. d faster communication and synchronization
  5. e histamine: wakefulness, appetite control, learning
    serotonin: sensory perception, mood, appetite, sleep

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  1. perineurium
  2. refractory period
  3. Regulate concentration of K+, take up excess neurotransmitters, and serve as a nutrient conduit
  4. blood-brain barrier
  5. ganglion

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  1. The birth of new neurons from undifferentiated stem cellsthe action potential is carried into the CNS


  2. These neurons act as sensory receptors that detect touch, pressure, pain and temperaturemetabotropic receptor


  3. What are effectors?muscles and glands


  4. During this phase the membrane potential is restored to the resting staterepolarization


  5. The site of communication between two neurons or between a neuron and an effector cellsynapse