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  1. Lecompton Constitution
  2. Nativism
  3. John Brown's Raid
  4. Political Support for Expansionism
  5. Preston Brooks
  1. a Polk pres 1845-49, democrates slave owners
  2. b cained charles sumner in senate becuase sumner gave an anislavery speech same time as bleeding kansas
  3. c oct 16 1859 brown led men to raid arsenal at harpers ferry virginia no slave joined the fight 2 sons died and brown was captured and hanged became a myrtyr. north mourned death thought of him as a god south mhated it said it provoked slave revolts
  4. d proslavery draft 1857 by kansas teritorial delegates elected under questionable circumstances rejected by 2 govenors supported by buchanan and devisivly defeated by congress
  5. e antiimmigration feelings as a result of the break up of the whig party. in reaction to most immigrants voting democrat(because of whig hostility/antiblack prejudices)

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  1. because lincoln was elected south lef union. south didnt want to become a perminate minority in politics dec 20 1860 south carolina voted to sucede and other states followed thought that there would be no violenece
  2. banking crisis caused a credit cruch in north less severe in southwhere high cotton prices spured a quick recovery.1857-1858 because of failure of an ohio investment house led to panic selling. cause was downturn of agricultural exports to britain.
  3. proslavery poeple from missouri voted in kansas northerners came soon became violent 1856 proslavery burned and looted lawrence and then john brown led raid
  4. annexed by john tyler last act as president van buren didnt do anything december 1845 texas became 15th slave state
  5. book writted by harriot breecher stowe in 1851was about slave's life under cruel master

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  1. Republican Platformstrongly to the economic self-interest of the northerners and westerners. called for no slavery in free territories protective tarrif free land for homesteaders and internal improvements to encourage western settlement railraod to pacific. got lincoln to run for president for republicans


  2. oregon feveramerican farmers poured into oregon b/c free land and patriotism became the first perminate settlers


  3. Manifest Destinyjohn o'sullivan belief that americans had the god given right to expand superceeded other laws


  4. "All Mexico" Movementphrase commonly used by those who favored greater expansion after treaty of guadalupa hidalgo


  5. James Buchananin north north knew south would leave union b4 accepting it established link between expansioon and sectional politics bc northern expansion hard when going against slave south