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  1. orgeon treaty
  2. Zachary Taylor
  3. Texas Annexation
  4. Republican Platform
  5. Lone Star Republic
  1. a polk compromised and in 1846 treaty with the 49th parallel. gave britain vancouver
  2. b annexed by john tyler last act as president van buren didnt do anything december 1845 texas became 15th slave state
  3. c war hero elected 1848 slaveholoder but didnt want to expand slavery whigs when van buren ran he got enough votes to keep cass lost and taylor won died before term complete
  4. d strongly to the economic self-interest of the northerners and westerners. called for no slavery in free territories protective tarrif free land for homesteaders and internal improvements to encourage western settlement railraod to pacific. got lincoln to run for president for republicans
  5. e texas free from mexico but not a state????

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  1. american farmers poured into oregon b/c free land and patriotism became the first perminate settlers
  2. proslavery poeple from missouri voted in kansas northerners came soon became violent 1856 proslavery burned and looted lawrence and then john brown led raid
  3. admitted california as free new mexico and utah coulod choose ended slave trade in district of columbia toughened fugitive slave law
  4. march 6 1857 dred scott sued for his freedom claiming that because he had been in free states that he was also free. taaney said that the federal gov could not intersere with the movement of property(slaves). also only citizens could go to court scott was a slave.
  5. Polk pres 1845-49, democrates slave owners

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  1. freesoil partyfounded in 1840 by abolitionists very against slavery wanted to prohibit slave states fron entering union end slavery in district of columbia and abolish interstate slave trade wanted to deny all slave holders office and forbid slave labor on federal construction kinda popular in north north knew south would leave union b4 accepting it established link between expansioon and sectional politics bc northern expansion hard when going against slave south first anti slavery political party formed in 1840


  2. treaty of guadalupe hidalgo1848 mexico gave up land north of rio grande alta california and new mexico


  3. Manifest Destinyjohn o'sullivan belief that americans had the god given right to expand superceeded other laws


  4. Frontiers of Inclusion/Exclusiontexas oregon and california all became frontiers of exclusion after americans populated the area. Texas had enclaves with little outside communication. oregon sexual contact w natives/ fur trading post


  5. Secessionantiimmigration feelings as a result of the break up of the whig party. in reaction to most immigrants voting democrat(because of whig hostility/antiblack prejudices)