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PC point functions

PC point functions for Points 3 at PCOM-SD
PC 1
Opens the chest, promotes the descending of Qi and resolves phlegm, dissipates nodules, and benefits the breasts
PC 3
Clears heat and cools blood, harmonizes the ST & subdues rebellious Qi, moves Qi & blood in the chest, calms the mind, extinguishes interior wind, and invigorates blood & eliminates stasis
PC 4
Invigorates blood & eliminates stasis, cools blood & stops bleeding, calms the mind, and removes obstructions from the channel & stops pain
PC 5
Calms the mind & opens the mind's orifices & resolves phlegm in HT, harmonizes ST & subdues rebellious Qi, and invigorates blood & regulates menstruation
PC 6
Opens chest and moves Qi & blood, calms the mind, move LV Qi, and harmonizes ST
PC 7
Calms the mind and opens the mind's orifices, clears heat & toxic heat, and harmonizes ST
PC 8
Drains HT Fire, calms the mind, and clears heat and cools blood & promotes resuscitation
PC 9
Clears heat and restores consciousness, extinguishes interior wind, and calms the mind