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  1. Delaware
  2. sear
  3. Pennsylvania
  4. marinate
  5. Tennessee
  1. a Nashville, TN
  2. b to soak meat in a seasoned mixture to flavor and tenderize it
  3. c Harrisburg, PA
  4. d Dover, DE
  5. e to quickly brown the sides of a piece of meat on high heat, thus sealing in the juices

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  1. Topeka, KS
  2. Tallahassee, FL
  3. Richmond, VA
  4. to shred a substance by rubbing it against a sharp, serrated metal object
  5. to beat a substance, such as butter or sugar until it is smooth and fluffy

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  1. IdahoBoise, ID


  2. New JerseyTrenton, NJ


  3. OklahomaOklahoma City, OK


  4. MinnesotaNashville, TN


  5. baketo cut away the outer skin of a fruit or vegetable