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DR MRS VANDERTRAMP with the passé composé tense

DR MRS VANDERTRAMP with the passé composé tense. Verbs that use être, what they mean in English and what the passé composé tense is.
To go
Aller- alle
To Come
Venir- venu
To arrive
Arriver- arrive
To leave
Partir- parti
to enter, come in
entrer- entre
To go out
Sortir- sorti
to go down
descendre- descendu
to fall
tomber- tombe
to pass
passer- passe
to stay
rester- reste
to go back
rentrer- rentre
to return
retourner- retourne
to come back
revenir- revenu
to become
devenir- devenu
to be born
naître- ne
to die
mourir- mort