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black side

ends all shows unless the option setting is deselected

slide indicator

shows the number and title of the slide you are about to display

zoom setting

affects the portion of the slide displaying in the slide plane

custom dictionary

allows you to add special words such as proper names cities, and acronyms.

RTF (rich text format)

power point can produce slides from a microsoft word document if the file is saved with the RFT extension

drag and drop

changing the order of the text or the slides by selecting the text or slide you want to move or copy

microsoft clip organizer

a collection of drawings photographs sounds videos and other media files shared with microsoft office applications.

clip collection

clips are organized in hierarchical collections which combine topic-related cips.

size sheet

contains options for changing a clip's size


includes special visual and sound effects.

slide transition

is a special effect used to progress from one slide to the ext in a slide show

custom animation

allows you to set your own affects by defining your own animation types and speeds and sound effects on a slide

slide master

is an element of the design template that stores information about template, including font style placeholders background designs and color schemes

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