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iconic memory

sensory or visual memory; photographic or picture-image memory lasting under a second

echoic memory

sensory or auditory memory; lasting 3 or 4 seconds


loss of memory

implicit memory

retention independent of conscious recollection

explicit memory

memory of facts and experiences that one can consciously know and declare


neural center in limbic system; helps process explicit memories for storage


in psychoanalytic therapy, basic defense mechanism that banishes from consciousness anxiety-arousing thoughts, feelings and memories

memory construction

we often construct our memories as we encode them and we don't just retrieve our memories, we reweave them


exposure to a stimulus influences a response to a later stimulus

deja vu

eerie sense that something was experienced before; cues subconsciously retrieve earlier experiences

mood-congruent memory

tendency to recall experiences that are consistent with one's current good or bad mood

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