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name calling

to refer to some one else as a name other than their own in a negative way


to personally dislike or judge against a certrain group or person


a trait or behavior that people assume about an entire group


to blame a person or group for problems in society

enemy making

an action that creates enemies


to discriminate against a different race


to perposfully treat a person or group badly and harshly


deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, religious, or cultural group


the person or group that causes the crime or event


the extreme belief in you own country, but there are dangers
1. wants only one voice not many
2. needs and enemy either external, internal, or both
3. can lead to violence


some one who watches events unfold, often bad


some one who willingly goes along with the perpetrator or person causing the action


some one who can only accept their own views or own group

Treaty of Versailles-1918

1.meant to punish the Germans
2.Germany had to give land to France and Poland
3.Germany had to pay billions to France and Great Brittan
4.Germany had to accept total responsibility for causing ww1


to be consumed by fire


hatred or negative behavior against the jewish religion or people


an organised attack against jewish individuals or a jewish community

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