Driver's Ed Chapter 3

Shift Lever
Used to select a gear
Cruise Control
Lets you maintain your desired speed without keeping your foot on the accelerator
Shift Indicator
Shows the gear positions of an automatic transmission: contains P, R, N, D, 2, and 1
Mirror's Blind Spots
Areas around the vehicle that the driver cannot see
Indicates the engine revolutions per minute
Indicates the total number of miles the vehicle has been driven
Antilock Braking system
Keeps the wheels from locking if the driver brakes hard
Key fob
a hand-held remote control which allows you to lock or unlock the vehicle's doors from a distance
Fixed object that helps you steer the vehicle with pinpoint accuracy
Braking Point
The point at which the brakes begin to work and slow the vehicle
Wheel lock up
Occurs in a vehicle without ABS when the brakes are applied with such force that the wheels stop turning and the tires begin to slide on the pavement
Purpose is to convert engine speed into power to turn the wheels of a vehicle
Purpose is to connect the rotating engine shaft to the gears in the transmission
Semi Automatic Transmission
"Clutchless manual transmission"