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Bouchet 3 - Future Tense

I will have
tu auras
you(fam) will have
il aura
he will have
nous aurons
we will have
vous aurez
you(pl) will have
ils auront
they will have
je deviendrai
I will become
tu deviendras
you(fam) will become
il deviendra
he will become
nous deviendrons
we will become
vous deviendrez
you(pl) will become
ils deviendront
they will become
je devrai
I will have to
tu devras
you(fam) will have to
elle devra
she will have to
nous devrons
we will have to
vous devrez
you(pl) will have to
ils devront
they will have to
I will send
tu enverras
you(fam) will send
il enverra
he will send
nous enverrons
we will send
vous enverrez
you(pl) will send
ils enverront
they will send
je ferai
I will do, make
tu feras
you(fam) will do, make
elle fera
she will do, make
nous ferons
we will do, make
vous ferez
you(pl) will do make
ils feront
they will do, make
I will go
tu iras
you(fam) will go
elle ira
she will go
nous irons
we will go
vous irez
you(pl) will go
ils iront
they will go
je pourrai
I will be able to
tu pourras
you(fam) will be able to
il pourra
he will be able to
nous pourrons
we will be able to
vous pourrez
you(pl) will be able to
ils pourront
they will be able to
je saurai
I will know (a fact)
tu sauras
you(fam) will know (a fact)
il saura
he will know (a fact)
nous saurons
we will know (a fact)
vous saurez
you(pl) will know (a fact)
ils sauront
they will know (a fact)
je serai
I will be
tu seras
you(fam) will be
il sera
he will be
nous serons
we will be
vous serez
you(pl) will be
ils seront
they will be
je verrai
I will see
tu verras
you(fam) will see
il verra
he will see
nous verrons
we will see
vous verrez
you(pl) will see
ils verront
they will see
je viendrai
I will come
tu viendras
you(fam) will come
elle viendra
she will come
nous viendrons
we will come
ils viendront
they will come
je voudrai
I will want
tu voudras
you(fam) will want
il voudra
he will want
nous voudrons
we will want
vous voudrez
you(pl) will want
ils voudront
they will want
je travaillerai
I will work
tu travailleras
you(fam) will work
il travaillera
he will work
nous travaillerons
we will work
vous travaillerez
you(pl) will work
ils travailleront
they will work
je finirai
I will finish
tu finiras
you(fam) will finish
elle finira
she will finish
nous finirons
we will finish
vous finirez
you(pl) will finish
ils finiront
they will finish
je prendrai
I will take
tu prendras
you(fam) will take
il prendra
he will take
nous prendrons
we will take
vous prendrez
you(pl) will take
ils prendront
they will take
je chercherai
I will look for
tu chercheras
you(fam) will look for
elle cherchera
she will look for
nous chercherons
we will look for
vous chercherez
you(pl) will look for
ils chercheront
they will look for
Je réussirai mon bac
I will pass my bac
Tu réussiras ton bac
you(fam) will pass your bac
Elle réussira son bac
she will pass her bac
Nous réussirons notre bac
we will pass our bac
Vous réussirez votre bac
you(pl) will pass your bac
Ils réussiront leur bac
they will pass their bac
Je vivrai à Paris
I will live in Paris
Tu vivras en France
You(fam) will live in France
Elle vivras au Portugal
She will live in Portugal
Nous vivrons à Londres
We will live in London
Vous vivrez en Allemagne
You(pl) will live in Germany
Ils vivront au Mexique
They will live in Mexico
Je quitterai ma famille
I will leave my family
Tu quitteras ta famille
You(fam) will leave your family
Il quittera sa famille
He will leave his family
Nous quitterons nos familles
We will leave our families
Vous quitterez vos familles
You(pl) will leave your families
Ils quitteront leurs familles
They will leave their families