59 terms

coding chapter 1

current procedural terminology
editorial revisions
cpt manual is ever changing and is updated annually to reflect technologic advances and
unlisted code
type of code that ends in 99
coding information that pertains to an entire section is where
category 2 codes
these codes provide supplemental information and do not substitute category 1 codes
modifier exempt code
the name of the two digit number that is located after the cpt code number and provides more detail about a code
appendix e
list of all modifiers
special reports
using an unlisted or category 3 code third party payers usually require submission of this
appendix b
lists all addition to, deletions from and revisions of cpt manual
appendix d
lists all add on codes
indicates range of cpt codes
lightning bolt
symbol indicates a product is pending fda approval
appendix k
products pending fda approval; codes that are being tracked by the amato monitor fda approval
appendix I
list the codes for genetic testing modifiers
appendix j
list the electrodiagnostic medicine listing od sensory, motor and mixed nerves
appendix h
is the alphabetic index of performance measures by clincal conditon or topic and list the category 2 codes
appendix g
summary of moderate (concious) sedation codes; symbol of bullseye
appendix f
summary of cpt codes that are modifier -63 exempt; procedures that are performed on infants who weigh less than 8.8 lbs
appendix c
clinicla examples of many of the evaluation and management service codes
evaluation and management
appendix a
lists all modifiers used to alter or modify codes
service or procedure
1 index location method
anatomic site
2 index location method
condition or disease
3 index location method
4 index location method
5 index location method
6 index location method
evaluation and management
00100-019999, 99100-99140
pathology and labratory
90281-99199, 99500-99609
american medical association
published the cpt coding system
year the cpt coding system was first published
providers of health care are paid based on codes submitted for procedures and this provided by the patient
three editions of the current procedural termonilogy were published
updated manual of cpt manual is published
year cpt codes incorporated as level 1 codes into the healthcare procedure coding system hcpcs
placed in front of code indicates that the description for the code has been changed or modified since the previous edition
stand alone codes
have full description
indented code
portion of code description
the use of coding system allows you to communicate not only quickly but
1996 act
cp-5 standard for communicating health care data; health insurace portability and accountability act
requires a common, concise coding system with clear expandable definitions
circle with line through it
identifies a modifier -51 exemt code
identifies new codes for procedures and services identified by bullet
surgery guidlines
surgical destruction is part of a surgical procedure and different methods of destruction is not usually listed seperatly
interpreting physician
must sign report to have the report considered part of radiologic procedure
under whose surpervision are pathology and laboratory services provided
code listed in medical guidlines used to identify material supplied by physician that are beyond those ordinarily included in the service
category 3
would be reported rather than a category 1 unlisted code
main terms
heading on cpt index are modifying terms, code ranges, conventions and this
the six major areas into which all cpt codes and descriptions are modified
further division of sections into smaller units
unlisted procedures
considered unusual, experimental or new or do not have a specific code
right and left triangle
indicates the beginning and end of text change
category 2
supplemental codes that can be used for performance measurement
category 3
temorary codes