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  1. Sunset legislation are

    A. laws requiring that curfews be established in all crime ridden areas
    B. laws requiring that existing programs be reviewed regularly for their effectiveness and be terminated unless specifically extended as a result of those reviews
    C. laws that require existing programs to be terminated within no more than five years
    D. laws that allow the use of legislation that has been ruled by the Supreme Court as unconstitutional as long as Congress votes to do so on the same day as the Supreme Court ruling
  2. Presidential candidates have asked individuals to join the ticket as a vice presidential candidate for all of the following reason EXCEPT:

    A. to balance the ticket by region or political philosophy
    B. to serve as president if the president dies
    C. to reinforce one of the presidential candidates strong points
    D. to serve as co-president
  3. The members of the cabinet

    A. Are an informal group of presidential advisors
    B. Are limited to the heads of the fifteen executive departments
    C. Include the heads of the 15 executive departments plus other top officials chosen by the president
    D. include the heads of the 15 executive departments plus the heads of the EPA, CIA, and FBI
  1. a C
  2. b B
  3. c D

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  1. D
  2. A
  3. D
  4. A
  5. D

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  1. In German sociologist Max Weber's Weberian Model;

    A. power flows from the top down
    B. decision making is shaped by detailed technical rules that promote similar decision making in similar situations
    C. bureaucrats are specialists who solve problems through logical reasoning and data analysis instead of emotions and guesswork
    D. all of the above


  2. Executive privilege

    A. involves the ability of the president and executive branch officials to withhold certain information from Congress and/or the courts
    B. means that members of the executive branch cannot be prosecuted for official acts
    C. is the concept that has been applied to the president's use of the pocket veto
    D. allows the president discretion in making political appointments


  3. Informal advisors to the president are called

    A. FOP (Friends of the President)
    B. the kitchen cabinet
    C. the Executive Counsel
    D. the Cabinet


  4. According to the Constitution, impeachment

    A. cannot be used against an incumbent president
    B. can only be applied to a president who has committed treason
    C. is the discharge of an officer of the United States for cause
    D. is voted by in the House of Representatives


  5. As chief executive, the president is constitutionally bound to

    A. enforce laws, treaties, and court orders
    B. submit a balanced budget to Congress
    C. inform Congress prior to any military action
    D. oversee actions of state governments


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