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  1. tumor-suppressor genes
  2. lac operon
  3. regulator
  4. repressor
  5. enhancers
  1. a bind to activators
  2. b genes that code for proteins that suppress cell division
  3. c has info that is needed to digest lactose
  4. d makes protein that prevents transcription of lactose
  5. e "turns off" a gene; binds to operator

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  1. chromatin that can be transcribed
  2. one or more bases removed from strand
  3. take DNA from 2 different organisms and recombine it
  4. sampling amount of amniotic fluid to retrieve fetal cells
  5. proteins that assist the binding of RNA polymerase

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  1. probesequence of codons that will be translated


  2. homeotic genegene expression that is controlled by other genes


  3. sex chromosomes1 pair in many animal genomes


  4. cappoly(A) at 3' end of mRNA


  5. lactosesubstrate for prokaryotic cells; activates the repressor, changes shape of repressor