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  1. structural genes
  2. insertion
  3. coding region
  4. homeobox
  5. autosomes
  1. a sequence of bases that contain info for lactose digesting enzymes
  2. b specific DNA sequences in homeotic genes
  3. c when nucleotides are inserted into DNA
  4. d structural gene
  5. e 22 pairs in many animal genomes

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  1. when part of genetic material is deleted and lost
  2. protein that binds to the enhancer+stimulates transcription
  3. when part of DNA is flipped 180° in a chromosome
  4. "turns off" a gene; binds to operator
  5. process that separates DNA into different lengths; smaller segments travel faster than larger segments

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  1. locussubstrate for prokaryotic cells; activates the repressor, changes shape of repressor


  2. genemolecular finders


  3. euchromatinsite where RNA polymerase binds to chromosome


  4. promotermolecular finders


  5. tailpoly(A) at 3' end of mRNA