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  1. polymerase chain reactions (PCR)
  2. tumor-suppressor genes
  3. gel electrophoresis
  4. lac operon
  5. introns
  1. a sequence of codons that won't be translated; will be removed
  2. b way to amplify source of DNA
  3. c process that separates DNA into different lengths; smaller segments travel faster than larger segments
  4. d has info that is needed to digest lactose
  5. e genes that code for proteins that suppress cell division

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  1. site where repressor binds to chromosome; blocks transcription
  2. changes one codon, which changes one amino acid, which changes a protein; one base replaced by another
  3. poly(A) at 3' end of mRNA
  4. sampling amount of amniotic fluid to retrieve fetal cells
  5. when an entire homologous pair and one homologue are pulled in Anaphase I of meiosis; result is that one cell has 3 chromatids

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  1. activatorssite where repressor binds to chromosome; blocks transcription


  2. lactosesubstrate for prokaryotic cells; activates the repressor, changes shape of repressor


  3. transcription factorsproteins that assist the binding of RNA polymerase


  4. ligaseseparation of nucleotide bases (triplet code) that codes for a particular polypeptide


  5. regulatormakes protein that prevents transcription of lactose