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  1. cap
  2. recombinant DNA
  3. pre-mRNA
  4. allele
  5. enhancers
  1. a variation of a gene
  2. b take DNA from 2 different organisms and recombine it
  3. c RNA that is made in transcription; will be processed before it leaves nucleus
  4. d at 5' end of mRNA
  5. e bind to activators

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  1. sequence of codons that won't be translated; will be removed
  2. sampling cells of the chorion to retrieve fetal cells
  3. makes protein that prevents transcription of lactose
  4. result of insertion/deletion; change each amino acid produced
  5. separation of nucleotide bases (triplet code) that codes for a particular polypeptide

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  1. substitutionmolecule an enzyme acts on


  2. inversionwhen nucleotides are inserted into DNA


  3. Thomas Hunt Morganwhen an entire homologous pair and one homologue are pulled in Anaphase I of meiosis; result is that one cell has 3 chromatids


  4. substratechanges one codon, which changes one amino acid, which changes a protein; one base replaced by another


  5. activatorssite where repressor binds to chromosome; blocks transcription