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  1. pre-mRNA
  2. introns
  3. allele
  4. exons
  5. homeobox
  1. a RNA that is made in transcription; will be processed before it leaves nucleus
  2. b variation of a gene
  3. c specific DNA sequences in homeotic genes
  4. d sequence of codons that will be translated
  5. e sequence of codons that won't be translated; will be removed

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  1. studied fruit flys; rediscovered Mendel's work
  2. protein that binds to the enhancer+stimulates transcription
  3. sampling amount of amniotic fluid to retrieve fetal cells
  4. proteins that assist the binding of RNA polymerase
  5. sequence of bases that contain info for lactose digesting enzymes

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  1. promotersite where RNA polymerase binds to chromosome


  2. proto-oncogenesgene expression that is controlled by other genes


  3. probemolecular finders


  4. polymerase chain reactions (PCR)proteins that assist the binding of RNA polymerase


  5. tumor-suppressor genesgenes that code for proteins that suppress cell division