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Men who have a profound reduction in...levels experience a decline in sexual arousal


People who do not experience sexual arousal are termed...


The...phase is marked by thickening of the walls of the outer vagina

masters and johnson

The best description of physiological aspects of the sexual response cycle was developed by...


Many people..their own physical attractiveness


Autoerotic behavior is another term for...

highly educated people are less religious than other groups

Which of the following statements might attest to the strong association between education level and frequency of masturbation?


During anal sex, the penis passes the anal oriface and enters the..., or the lowermost portion of the intestinal tract


woman-woman sex is characterized by greater than heterosexual sex

women's movement

The...encouraged Americans to try alternative positions for coitus


For some people, the only moral justification for sex.

oxytocin; vasopressin

Two hormones that appear to be important for experiancing love are...and...


Many therapists identify...problems as the number one reason for dissatisfaction in marriage and other long-term relationships

homosexual men

casual sex is most prevalent among...

love one form or another cements many sexual relationships

Margaret Sanger

An early feminist important in advancing the birth control movement in the United States was...

the pill; condoms

...and...are the most popular reversible contraceptive methods in use


oral sex, mutual masturbation, and body exploration as a substitute for for coitus is called...

rhythm methods

Fertility awareness methods of birth control are also known as...


Some condoms come precoated with...

timing coitus with ovulation

Of the many steps that a couple can take to maximize their chances for conceiving, the most important is...


The most common site for abnormalities of the female reproductive tract that result in subfertility is the...

Rh factor

Fetal loss due to blood group incompatibility occurs when a fetus possesses the blood group antigen...


The thinning of the cervix during the first stage of labor is called...


In some species, the fetus initiate parturition

getting married

Women fantasize more than men about...

pelvic cavity, ovaries, and bladder

Endometriosis is found most often on the lining of the...

a decrease in estrogen production

Osteoporosis results from..., which causes decalcification of the bones

All of the reasons have been justified for circumcision

Which of the following reasons has been offered to justify circumcision?

sperm need a cooler temperature to be viable

Temperature control of sperm by the scrotum and the spermatic cords is necessary because...

all of the above

Testosterone is responsible for the male secondary sexual characteristics, which include...

decrease in testosterone production

Some researchers state the reason for a male midlife crisis is...

all of the above answers are correct

Signs of prostate cancer include...


Regardless of a mans weight, women are most attracted to men with a waist-to-hip ratio of...

reticular activating system

The...can be considered the connection between mind and body

deer hooves

Examples of supposed aphrodisiacs include all of the following except...

physically symmetrical bodies

In one experiment, men with the most attractive smells, as rated by fertile women, exhibited...

eye color

Homophily includes all of the following traits except...


Women's perceived physical attractiveness increases during the period around...

the absence of menstrual flow

Amenorrhea is...

decreased, pap smears

Cervical cancer rates have...over the past several decades due to an increase in...

both b and c

When viewed by a potential mate, asymmetry, usually subconsciously, suggests...

superabsorbant tampons

Toxic shock syndrome has been linked with the use of...

secondary dysmenorrhea

Painful menstruation caused by some other identifiable condition is otherwise known as...

yohimbine hydrochloride

One substance that appears to have potential as an aphrodisiac is...

experienced similarly by males and females

The physical and psychological sensations caused by an orgasm are...

women's menstrual cycles

Human pheromones alter the timing of...


Sexual fantasies provide people with a...means of engaging in sexual activities in which they may never wish to partake

relatively more attractive

According to some studies, as women acquire power and money, they increasingly seek men that are...


Adult women with a...% of babyfacedness admixture are rated as most attractive

at the moment of conception

The gender of a baby is determined...


The...activates the autonomic nervous system and the endocrine system through messages sent via nerves or substances released into the bloodstream

have a new partner to mate with

Male animals that have just mated are more likely to mate again when they...

anterior cingulate cortex

The...becomes active when people who are in love view a photo of their beloved


Spermatogenesis occurs within...cells, the nurse cells, that line the seminiferous tubules

phimosis the inability to retract the foreskin to expose the glans penis and can be characterized by pain during sexual intercourse

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