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wakarimasu ka

DO you understand?

Hai, wakarimasu

yes, i understand

iie wakarimasen

no, i don't understand


i don't know

shitte imasu

i know


i can't see


i can see


i cant hear


i can hear

ii desu

it's good

dame desu

no good



-wa nihongo de nan to iimasu ka

how do you say- in japanese??


i forgot


i lost it

oteari e itte mo ii desu ka

may i go to the bathroom

rokkaa e itte mo ii desu ka

may i go to the locker

omizu o nonde mo ii desu ka

may i get a drink of water

enpitsu o kashite kudasai

please lend me a pencil

sumimasen. shitsumon ga arimasu

excuse me i have a question

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