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major excretory organs, eliminate urea, excess water and some other wastes


excess water and some other waste materials released by the cells after cellular respiration


watery fluid produced by the kidneys


The tubes that carry urine from the kindeys to the bladder.


sac like, muscular organ that stores urine until it is released from the body


tube leading from the urinary bladder to the outside of the body

main function of the excretory system

to filter out cellular wastes, toxins, and excess water that result from cellular respiration

300 times a day

your kidneys filter your blood


millions of tiny filtering factories in the kidneys

tiny structures that remove wast from the blood and produce uring



kidneys maintain ____ by regulating the amount of water in the body

urine is being formed

When ____ water is passed from the tube back in to the blood stream

depends on conditions both inside and out

the exact amount of water that is reabsorbed

when it is hot

a lot of water is absorbed

when it is cold

less water is absorbed

other organs of excretion

lungs, skin and liver

sweat glands

function in excretion because water and some chemical wastes are excreted in perspiration

integumentary system

another name for skin

prevents water loss

the skin covers the body and

infection and injury

the skin protects the body from

body temperature

the skin regulates

waste in sweat

the skin eliminates

about the environment

the skin gathers information

eat properly

to maintain healthy skin

drink enough water

to keep skin hydrated

limit sun exposure

to protect the skin

clean and dry

keep skin

remove wastes

several systems in your body

urinary system

disposes of liquid waste products removed from the blood

respiratory system

disposes of water vapor and waste gases from the blood

digestive system

disposes of solid waste products from food


releases wastes through sweat glands

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