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8.1: Latin American peoples win independence

People who were born in Spain, on the top of the colonial society
Spanish people born in the colonies who were right underneath the peninsulares
People of mixed European and Indian ancestry
Tourssaint L'Ouverture
Led enslaved Africans in a revolt against the French. However, he was captured and imprisoned.
Simón Bolívar
Wealthy Venezuelan creole who won Venezuela's independence
José de San Martín
Argentinian revolutionary who freed Chile from Spanish control. He later helped liberate Peru.
Miguel Hidalgo
A priest who issued the Cry of Dolores, a call for rebellion against the Spanish.
José María Morelos
After Hidalgo was defeated, the rebel armies rallied around this person.
Agustín de Iturbide
Creole officer who declared Mexico's independence
Dom Pedro
Son of King John who made Brazil independent of Portugal.