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What is a Zigguart?

• Ziggurats were pyramid shaped temples which Sumerians built in each city-state.

Sumer Ruled all of... from... to ...

Southern Mesopotamia from 3500BC - 2300BC

Wheel, arch, irigation sytems, ect. are all from ...


Akkad ruled all of mesopotamia under King Sargon from_____ to _______

2300BC - 2100BC

Babylon ruled all of Mesopotamia under King Hammurabi from ________ to ________

1792BC - 1750BC

Akkaddian achievments included...

First Empire, Destroys other cities steles, steles, the victory stele.


an ancient upright stone slab bearing markings

Victory Stele

-Shows King Naram-Sin the great's victory of elamtic territory

The Babylonians achievment included...

building roads, the first postal service, hammurabbis code[eye for an eye], made society fair

Hammurabis Code

Oldest written system of laws. They were created by King Hammurabi of Babylonia in the mid 18th century BCE and placed on stones tablets for all to see.

The Assyrisians were the first to conquer all of___________ in _______ to ___________

The fertile cresent in years 900BC - 612BC

The achievments of the assyrians were....

powerful/ feared warriors

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