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Study guide for chapter 7 study guide.

3 environmental factors to settle land

Water, topology, and vegetation

Most important environmental factor


Water was a source of ...

Food (animals, fish and crops)


the surface features of a place or region. The topography of a region includes hills, valleys, streams, lakes, bridges, tunnels, and roads.

What type of topography is good, and why?

Flat plains and valleys so they could plant crops

What type of topography is bad, and why?

Desert and mountains, dry and desolate and dry and hot - no water


all the plant life in a particular region

How did vegetation influence human settlements?

Food, Useful products, provided shade

Nile river

The world's longest river, which flows northward through East Africa into the Mediterranean Sea


In northeast africa, first settled around 3100 CE.


an ancient nubian kingdom whose rulers contolled egypt between 2000 and 350 B.C.

Mediterranean sea

the largest inland sea located north of africa

Nile river

Most important physical feature in ancient Egypt and kush

Physical features of Egypt and Kush

Nile river, fertile valley,desert, mediterranean sea

Formed natural barriers that protected the people of Egypt and kush

Libyan and Nubian deserts

Long channel of very salty body of water to the east of Kush and egypt

Red Sea

What was the most important ant environmental factor for settling by the Nile river

Source of fresh water in a desert area

How was the Nile river valley a naturally irrigated and fertile?

Every summer the river overflowed it's banks to irrigate and deposited silt that was perfect for farming

Name the 7 animals that were abundant in the nile region...

Fish, ducks, geese, hippos, crocodiles, giraffes, and ostriches

Why about the topology of the river valley encouraged settlement?

Wide flat areas around the river bends

What 2 types of useful plants were plentiful in the Nile valley?

Reeds and the tough water plant papyrus


Land NE of Egypt settled by the israelites from 1800 bce - to 70 ce

Jordan river

River in SW Asia flows from Lebanon mountains south through the sea of galilee into the dead sea.

Jordan river flowed through the ________ of Canaan.


Jordan river empties into _______.

The dead sea

What desert in Canaan receives more moisture than most desert?


What is The key environmental factor in Canaan?


What body of water enabled traders to visit Canaan from many foreign lands?

The Mediterranean

What was the main source for water in Canaan?

The Jordan river.

Was the Jordan as fertile as the Nile?

No - it did not flood as often.

What other body of water in Canaan was an important source of fresh water?

Sea of galilee

Why did more people in Canaan become herders rather than farmers?

Much of the land in Canaan was too hot, dry or hilly for farming.

What are herders?

They are nomads that move from place to place to find grasslands where their animals an graze

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