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human nutrition chp 9 and 10

The first nutrient priority for a strength athlete is
adequate fluid
someone with at least one obese parent has
30-70% of becoming obese
excess body fat is associated with an increase risk of
some cancers, gall bladder disease
all of the following are involved in signaling stations except
a. the stomach
b the heart
c. the brain
d. the small intestine
the heart
body mass index is not suitable for use with
athletes or pregnant woman
central to diagnosis of anorexia nervosa is
distorted body image
early in activity, ______ provides the mojority of energy for the muscles
muscle glycogen
endurance athletes can delay fatigue during their activity by
taking carbohydrate before activity
eating certain foods can elevate BMR and promote weight loss
anearobic glucose breakdown produces a compound called
sports drinks offer some advantages over water for athletes who
need to replenish electrolytes
carbonated beverages are not a good choice of fluid replacement during activity because they
make a person feel full and limit fluid intake
the following would not be appropriate for a pre game meal
rasin bran and milk
the age of a person(when excercising) will influence how much glucose a person uses during physical activity
vitamin E is needed for formation of collagen
false, Vitamin C
an endurance athlete, in order to maintain their blood glucose concentrations for as long as possible, should consume fat and protein before the event
false, should eat a high in carbohydrate diete regularly and take in glucose during the endurance event
fatigue is the first symptom of dehydration (besides thirst)
when exercising the best beverage to replace fluid is
cool water
the body needs more carbohydrate than it does any other nutrient
false, water
protein is needed by the body to support an exercise program because of its role in
repairing muscle tissue after exercise
which of the following enhances flexibility
appetite is defined as psychological desire to eat
after eating dinner, you go to a movie and smell the popcorn, although you are full, you start salivating and your stomach grumbles, so you buy a bag to eat during the show. this is an example of
the results of weight training could cause a decrease in bone density
false, some results are improved posture,muscle strength, and endurance
bulimia is more common than anorexia and is more common in woman than men
balance is a component of fitness
false, flexibility, muscle, strength, muscle endurance, and cardiorespiratory endurance
the characteristics of cardiorespiratory endurance include
increased cardiac output and oxygen and reduced blood pressure
certain foods can promote wight loss by increasing your metabolic rate
which of the following is more common:
anorexia or bulimia
eating disorders are only found in developed nations where wealth is prevalent
one pound of fat is equal to 3500 calories
having a beer gut(central abdominal fat) is a significantly higher health risk than having excess fat in other areas
what are the factors associcated with a higher basal metabolic rate
stress, fever, youth
out of the following two examples:swimming and wight training, which one would be considered aerobic physical activity
female athletes and endurance athletes are most prone to iron deficiency
sports drinks offer some advantages over water for athletes who exercise outside in cole weather
older people like around 65+ can not improve bone density through weight training programs
taller people need proportionally more energy than shorter people to balance their energy budgets
BMI is based on what two factors
height and weight
a very low carbohydrate diet will cause
muscles respond to exercise overload by gaining
strength and size
muscle growth is stimulated by
physically demanding activity
endurance athletes can postpone fatigue during activity by
eating glucose periodically
waist circumference looks at the degree of
visceral fat
any energy containing food can make you fat if you eat enough of it
the following are associated with a lower BMR
quick large changes in weight are likely the result of
changes in body fluid
the length of time BMR remains elevated after exorcise depends on
duration of activity, intensity of activity