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A beach ball looks like a __________.


A can of soup or a can of soda looks like a __________.


A child's block looks like a _________.

rectangular prism

A tissue box, cereal box, or door looks like a ___________.


A __________ has 4 sides.


A __________ has 3 sides.


A __________ has 4 sides.


A ______ has 1 period and 1 arrow.


A _______ has 2 arrows on the ends.

line segment

A _______ is part of a line and it has 2 periods on the ends.

parallel lines

__________ have 2 lines that don't touch each other. The lines have 2 arrows on each line.

intersecting lines

___________ had 2 lines that touch each other through the middle.


A ______ has one period.


Two objects (such as triangles) with the same shape and same size are called ________.

not congruent

One large circle and one small circle are _____________.


__________ means a line can be drawn through an object and the two sides look the same.


___________ is the sum of all the sides of an object and is the total distance around the object.

3 units

If a square has a perimeter of 12, then how long is each side?


_________ is a closed figure with 3 or more sides made up of line segments.

right angle

_________ is an angle that forms a square corner.


A _________ has no sides.


A ______ takes place when a shape is flipped across a line and faces the opposite direction.


A _____ takes place when a shape moves in one direction from one place to another (an arrow shows the direction the object moves).


An object can _____ on a point away from its original position. It looks like it is laying on its side


I have 1 square and 4 triangles as my faces. I have 5 vertices.


I roll and have no faces, no edges, and no vertices.


I spin and I have 1 circular face and 1 vertex.


I have 6 square faces, 8 vertices, and 12 edges.


I have 2 circular faces and no edges and no vertices. I look like a can of food.

rectangular prism

I have 4 rectangular faces and 2 square faces for a total of 6 faces. I look like a door or cereal box.

plane figure

I am a flat, 2 dimensional figure. I am shapes like squares, rectangles, or circles.


A _________ has 6 sides.


A _________ has 5 sides.


A __________ has 4 sides.

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