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Houses and homes

Vocab for First Certificate p80-83
a house in the country with a large garden, especially in southern Europe OR a large house in a town (noun)
For example: a Victorian ______ in North London
a small house, especially in the country (noun)
For example: a charming country _______ with roses around the door
terraced houses
a house that is one of a row of houses that are joined together on each side (noun)
detached house
not joined to another house on either side (noun)
semi-detached house
joined to another house by a wall on one side that is shared (noun)
apartment block
a large building with flats/apartments on each floor (noun)
a house built all on one level, without stairs (noun)
an area where people live that is outside the centre of a city (noun)
For example: a _______ of London
one of a pair of wooden or metal covers that can be closed over the outside of a window to keep out light or protect the windows from damage (noun)
a room, especially in somebody's home, used for reading and writing (noun)
utility room
a room, especially in a private house, that contains large pieces of equipment such as a washing machine, freezer, etc. (noun)
washing machine
a machine you use to dry your clothes (noun)
the lower floor of a house or building, especially the one at ground level (noun)
the floor or floors in a building that are above the ground floor (noun)
en suite
joined onto a bedroom and for use only by people in that bedroom (noun)
For example: Each bedroom in the hotel has a bathroom _______/an _______ bathroom.
central heating
a system for heating a building from one source which then sends the hot water or hot air around the building through pipes (and often radiators too) (noun)
air conditioning
a system that cools and dries the air in a building or car (noun)
Also: aircon
double garage
a level of a building; a floor (noun)
For example: the upper/lower ______ of the house
a single-______/two-______ building
American = apartment
a small area at the entrance to a building, such as a house or a church, that is covered by a roof and often has walls (noun)

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