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  1. Supplementary angle
  2. Parallel Line
  3. Vertical angles
  4. Complementary angle
  5. Ray
  1. a A pair of opposite angles that have the same measure
  2. b Two angles that add up to 90 degrees
  3. c When the sum of the measures of a pair of angles add up to 180°
  4. d A specific part of a line that starts at one point and extends in the other direction without end.
  5. e Lines that never intersect

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  1. A quadrilateral with opposite parallel and congruent sides
  2. All sides are congruent
  3. A plane close figure
  4. A quadrilateral with one pair of parallel sides, and these sides are called bases.
  5. A parallelogram with all sides congruent

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  1. Intersecting LinesLines that meet at a point. This point is called an intersection.


  2. ScaleneA 2-D flat surface that extends in all directions without end.


  3. Regular polygonA polygon where you can draw a line segment between any two points and it remains inside the figure


  4. Congruent FiguresMeans something is equal.


  5. Right angleAn angle that measures 180 degrees