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  1. Rhombus
  2. Supplementary angle
  3. Equilateral
  4. Congruent Figures
  5. Scalene
  1. a A parallelogram with all sides congruent
  2. b When the sum of the measures of a pair of angles add up to 180°
  3. c All sides are congruent
  4. d Have equal angles and sides lengths.
  5. e No sides are congruent

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  1. Have congruent angle measures and proportional sides
  2. An angle more than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees.
  3. A straight pathway of points that extend in both directions without end
  4. One angle is greater than 180 degrees
  5. A pair of opposite angles that have the same measure

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  1. Complementary angleWhen the sum of the measures of a pair of angles add up to 180°


  2. PointAn exact location in space


  3. VertexThe common end of the rays that make up an angle.


  4. Regular polygonA polygon where if you draw a line segment between two points, that segment may lie outside the figure


  5. Straight angleAn angle that measures 180 degrees