Habitat Destruction


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disappearance of a species from all or part of the species' geographical range
variety of species in an ecosystem
habitat destruction
disturbing the part of an ecosystem that an organism needs to survive
alien species
nonnative species introduced to an area by humans
destruction or loss of forests
coral reef
a structure of calcite skeletons built up by coral animals in warm, shallow ocean water
an ecosystem in which the roots of plants are submerged under water at least part of the year
What is the cause of most of the loss of biodiversity in ecosystems?
Loss of biodiversity in ecosystems is mostly due to habitat destruction by the growing human population looking for places to live and food to eat.
How does population growth contribute to deforestation?
Growing populations need food and a place to live for which rain forests are cleared and burned to make farmland.
A species becomes extinct when ____________.
all its populations dies
Which describes a mass extinction?
a short period of time when many species die
If the current trend continues, which may cause the extinction of up to 70% of Earth's land species?
rain forest destruction
The most important cause of loss of biodiversity today is ______________.
The disappearance of many species during a relatively short time is know as __________________.
a mass extinction
What human activity is destroying Mono Lake in California and has also destroyed the Aral Sea in Russia?
water diversion projects
Nonnative organisms introduced into an area by humans are called__________________.
alien species
Rain forests exist in each area except ________________.
the Middle East
Which does not result in habitat destruction?
When habitats are destroyed, specialized species are more likely than generalized species to ___________________.
become extinct
In the last century, the extent of global rain forests has been reduced by _______________.
Extinction results in __________________.
loss of ecosystem biodiversity
The shrinking of the Aral Sea has led altered weather and rainfall patterns over the entire region. This is most likely caused by ______________.
less evaporation from a smaller sea
Most of the loss of biodiversity in ecosystems is caused by _________________.
habitat destruction
What occurs during periods of adaptive radiation?
Species evolve rapidly.
The disappearance of a species from all or some of it geographical range is called ________________.
Disturbing an area of an ecosystem where an organism lives is called _________________.
habitat destruction
alien species often displace native species because alien species ________________.
outcompete native species