The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls

What does biography state about Longfellow?
Most popular poet America's ever produced
For what was Longfellow's audience hungry? For what assurance was this audience looking?
Sermons and lessons; their cherished values would prevail over the new forces of history that were threatening to destroy them.
How did Longfellow's first wife die?
How long was Longfellow married to his 2nd wife?
18 years.
How did his second wife die?
Her dress caught fire
What is meter? What is a metrical unit of poetry?
Pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables; a foot.
What is an iamb?
A foot of meter.
What is a spondee?
A word with 2 stressed syllables (rare in poetry).
What piece of literature did Longfellow write (nature/life)?
"The Tide Rises, the Tide Falls."
What does each stanza in this poem suggest about the passage of time?
Time & nature are forever.
How does Longfellow personify the ocean in the 2nd stanza? Is this image comforting or disturbing? Explain.
The little waves; comforting to me because of the connotation of "soft hands."
"Footsteps on the sands of time" is a common expression referring to our mortality and the passage of time. A similar image appears in the 2nd stanza. What does it suggest has happened to the traveler?
He lived his life and now is gone.
What words in the 3rd stanza suggests his fate?
"but nevermore Returns the traveler to the shores."
At the end of the poem, the tide continues to rise/fall, but the traveler doesn't return. What does this poem reveal about relationship between human life and nature?
Human life is temporary, nature is eternal.